Your Kitchen Probably Isn't Clean If You're Not Paying Attention To These 5 Areas!

Your Kitchen Probably Isn't Clean If You're Not Paying Attention To These 5 Areas!
  • Your kitchen may be harbouring germs and dirt in some hidden corners.
  • Watch out for spillage around the containers of your dry groceries.
  • Always wash your kitchen cloths before wiping counters with them.
Kitchen is a place that all of us are very particular about, especially when it comes to maintaining hygiene. The level of cleanliness that you maintain in your kitchen determines how healthy you and your family are going to be. After all, it's crucial that you eat fresh, unadulterated and clean food. In summers, there is an additional menace of ants and cockroaches, which can get out of control if the hygiene of the kitchen is not maintained. There are certain corners of your kitchen, which may create health issues for you and your family, simply because you may not be cleaning them often enough.

Apart from the gas stove and main kitchen counter, cleaning all the other counter tops is also very important. This is because if these are not cleaned, you might end up putting all the germs there into your food, after inadvertently touching them and then preparing your food.Also Read: 

Here are some other areas of the kitchen that you're probably not cleaning enough:

1. The Place Where You Store Your Dry Groceries: The steel jars containing your dry flour, lentils and other groceries are the obvious targets of insects and creepy crawlies. So, while you ensure that everything is kept in cool, dry places and in air-tight containers, you also must clean the shelves they are kept on. These spaces often tend to be overcrowded with containers and hence, might not get cleaned enough. Also check around these containers for spillage of food grains.

2. The Cabinet Where Your Gas Cylinder Is Kept: The area where your gas cylinder is kept is often ignored while you are cleaning your kitchen. Moreover, you might not want to move the cylinder around too much, as it's heavy and cumbersome to position again. However, it's a good practice to shift it and clean the areas around the cylinder.

3. Your Spice Box: It might be a bit surprising, but you're probably not cleaning your enough. This is because while we all remember refilling the various dry spice compartments, the spices that end up between these tiny sections, escapes our attention. It's advisable to take all the cups out of the spice box, clean the container thoroughly and dry it out in the Sun, before re-stocking it.Also Read: 

4. The Inside Of Your Microwave: Your appliances may look shiny and clean from the outside but may not be very clean from the inside. The best example of this is your microwave, which you maybe dusting every day, but are probably not cleaning enough from inside. Watch out for those curry splashes and random turmeric stains that are hiding in plain sight on the ceiling of your microwave oven. These stains are probably the reason your food gets a weird smell every time it's warmed in the microwave.

5. The Doors Of Your Lower Kitchen Cabinets: While you maybe wiping down the doors of the kitchen cabinets above your stove tops quite often, the other cabinet doors and their handles are often left out. Dust and germs might accumulate in these places and might eventually find their way into your food.

It is crucial to always use clean and fresh cloth while wiping all your kitchen counters, as well as the stove. To properly clean these kitchen dusters, you must soak them in warm water and detergent to remove all the grease and grime from them, dry them and then use them.


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