11 Effective Yoga Poses To Treat Muscle Pain


None of us are strangers to muscle pain and sore tissues. The pain is not the culmination of any single act but a result of the modern lifestyle and habits. The profusely stressful schedule and work hours build up a lot of tension in your muscles, causing pain in your back, leg, neck and so on.

Most of us tend to ignore the muscle pains and continue with our daily chores. But, the disregard of the muscle strain and discomfort can result in future discomforts such as limited movement and stiffness.

The most effective and peaceful method to relieve yourself of the muscle pains is Yoga! Yes, it is the ultimate answer to get rid of that  excruciating pain bothering you on a daily basis. The practice of yoga involves the stretching and relaxing of muscles, that will help release the muscle pain. Flexing and stabilizing your core and muscles through the right way of stretching out acts as a cure to the back, leg and neck muscle pain.

Practising yoga poses will not only get you to get rid of  achy and inflamed muscles but also help improve the blood flow into your brain and create a peace of mind, asserts Dr Sharad Kulkarni, one of the most renowned Ayurveda practitioners in Bangalore. So, read on to know about the amazing and effective yoga poses that will help you get rid of muscle pain.

The excessive stretching and pulling of the ligaments, tendons, nerves and joints can cause pain in the shoulder, neck, sides of the abdomen, legs etc. The most prevalent causes of muscle pain are

By stretching out the muscles, especially the ones from your toes to your fingers, this yoga position helps in relaxing your nerves. The standing asana can also be done in a supine position and is the first and ending asana in surya namaskar. Tadasana helps by developing and activating the nerves in your entire body and reduces your back pain. Regular practice can strengthen the knees, thighs, abdomen, ankles, and buttocks, and gives relief in sciatica.

Caution: Do not overdo the asana. Individuals suffering from a headache, insomnia, and blood pressure may consult a yoga instructor for advice.

This position helps in stretching your muscles and are extremely beneficial for people suffering from lower back pain. Performing parsvakonasana stretches your back, leg and thigh muscles, and is also said to cure osteoporosis. By creating traction in the muscles, the asana nourishes the verbal discs as well. It also helps in relieving menstrual discomfort by loosening up the abdominal muscles.

Caution: Avoid the asana if you are suffering from insomnia or high and low blood pressure. In case of cervical or neck problems, instead of turning your head, look straight - extending your neck.

This asana helps in maintaining a healthy lower back and relaxation of the muscles. Baddha konasana aids in relieving muscle pain by improving the flexibility of your muscles. It cures any non-mobility issues and muscle spasms. The asana helps out by stretching out the inner thighs, knees and groin.

Caution: Individuals suffering from the knee of groin injury should avoid this asana.

Regarded as a beginner's pose, this one helps with relaxing the body muscles to get rid of any pain or discomfort. Performing makarasana can help relax your cervical spine and is good for individuals suffering from spondylitis. By relaxing your muscles, makarasana helps with back and knee pain and especially any spinal disorders. Makarasana is extremely beneficial for post workout muscle pains.

Caution: Avoid this asana if you have any serious back or knee injury.

This asana helps get rid of frozen shoulders or tight muscles in your body. Yastikasana strengthens your body by removing any muscular stress or tensions. It eases joint pains, as it stretches your upper and lower limbs as well as the spine. By practising the asana, you can provide relaxation to your body muscles, especially pelvic and abdominal.

Caution: Individuals with high blood pressure, kyphosis, chronic backaches and heart diseases should not practice this position.

This pose helps in releasing the tension in neck and shoulders. With most of your daily stress and anxiety being build upon the shoulders and neck, which becomes the centre of pain, practising matyasana can help in getting rid of the pain. It also helps in relieving lower back pain.

Caution: Individuals suffering from high or low blood pressure, insomnia and migraine or severe back injury are advised to abstain from practising the pose.

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Practising this asana will stretch your muscles to provide relief to the muscle pains. It will elongate your muscles on the back of your leg, thereby releasing the tightness. Adho mukha savasana aids in reducing the pressure concentration on the sciatic nerves.

Caution: Avoid adho mukha savasana if you are suffering from high blood pressure, carpal tunnel syndrome or a dislocated shoulder.

Resembling the foetal position, this asana helps in relieving thigh and back pains. Balasana stretches your spine and is extremely effective to cure after-workout muscle pain. The position is also helpful in relieving neck pain.

Caution: Avoid balasana during pregnancy, and if you are suffering from knee injuries.

This one is extremely beneficial for releasing pain related to your biceps, shoulders, or triceps. The cobra pose helps by stretching out the tightly wound or stiff shoulders, upper back and neck. The pose helps in improving your lower back flexibility.

Caution: Avoid the practice if you are suffering from hyperthyroidism, hernia, peptic ulcer or intestinal tuberculosis.

One of the most beneficial asana in relieving muscular pain, practising this position can help is loosening up your body muscles. Shavasana is useful to get rid of muscle pains caused due to the busy lifestyle and office life of the contemporary world. By laying down on the floor, and maintaining a steady breath, the pose helps relax your body and with it, the muscles and get relief from any pain.

By stretching the muscles in your chest, neck and back, this asana aids in relieving any concentrated pain. It is extremely beneficial in . Setu bandha sarvangasana involves all of your organs and is used for facial muscle relaxation as well.

Caution: Individuals suffering from neck injuries, and back problems must avoid this. Avoid during pregnancy.

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*Dr. Sharad Kulkarni is one of the most renowned Ayurveda practitioners in Bangalore. He has been an influential speaker on healthcare throughout India. He has been awarded the 'BEST YOUNG RESEARCHER AYURVEDA SURGERY' by RULA Awards in November 2018. Dr. Kulkarni is one of the youngest Ayurveda Doctors, who had been invited to speak on Ayurveda in London.

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