5 Effective Yoga Poses To Get Toned Abs


Belly fats are stubborn, we know that! And there are thousands of articles out there on the internet teaching you a new ab-workout regimen to shed belly fat. While it's true that there's more than one formula for a flat belly, sometimes so much of the fitness buzz around makes us nothing but overwhelmed. It happens to everyone.

So while you're building your own fitness routine why don't you consider the most natural and comparatively less-demanding way to get those toned abs? We're talking about embracing the power of Yoga. Yoga not only improves your flexibility or relieves stress, but practising yoga also targets your abdominal muscles in a much more functional and efficient way compared to any amount of crunches. Your belly fat absolutely melts away.

Read on to discover the 5 best yoga positions for sculpting those perfectly toned abs. What else? You find inner peace, as an add-on.

1. Cat Pose- Start by being on your hands and knees; wrists and knees directly under your shoulders and hips respectively. Centre your head in a neutral position. Inhale as you drop your belly, lift your chin, chest and gaze up. Now, as you exhale, draw your belly to your spine, release the crown of your head toward the floor.

Rest for 10 seconds.

2. Warrior Pose- Begin by standing on your mat. Then step your left foot back and line up the heel of your right foot with the heel of your left foot. Now, extend your arms out alongside your body, parallel to the floor. Bend your right knee, ensuring it's not bowing out to the left or the right. Repeat with alternate legs.

Rest for 10 seconds.

3. Plank Pose- Begin at cat pose. Spread your fingers and press down through your forearms and hands. Do not let your chest collapse. Your thighs should be lifted and your hips shouldn't sink too low. Keep your head aligned with your spine. From there, broaden across your shoulder blades and collarbones. Hold the position while breathing smoothly.

Rest for 10 seconds.

4. Cobra Pose- Lie face-down on the floor, legs extended behind you. Place your hands under your shoulders and slowly press down through the tops of your feet and pubic bone. Inhale as you lift your head and chest off the floor while lower ribs remain on the floor. The tops of your thighs should be pressed firmly down into the floor.

Rest for 10 seconds.

5. Child's Pose- Begin by being on your hands and knees. Spread your knees wide apart and rest your buttocks on your heels. Sit up straight, lengthen your spine up and then bow forward, on exhaling. While your forehead comes to the floor, your heart and chest should rest between or on top of your thighs. Keep your buttocks in contact with your heels. From your hips, lengthen to your armpits, and then further through your fingertips.

Rest for 10 seconds. And you're done!

Toned abs are much much more than goals for next summer. That's not all, right? Yoga, apart from getting you those toned abs, also improves your overall strength and stability. It leverages on your body weight and requires no equipment at all. All you need is practice and awareness.

If you've earned finely toned abs, share your journey with us. It'll inspire many others and we'd love to hear. If you've queries or suggestions for us, do drop your message in the "Comments" section below.

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