Why Is Rasgulla Good For Health?


Rasgulla is a famous dessert that is made from ball-shaped dumplings of cheese curds (chhena) which is cooked in a light syrup made of sugar. This sweet is so famous that it led to a fight over its origin between the two states - West Bengal and Orissa.

Among most of the other Indian sweets, rasgullas are relatively light on the body and they are a must on special occasions and festivals. Since they are lighter, one can gulp down more than one rasgulla at a time.

100 g of rasgullas have a total of 186 calories out of which carbohydrates account for 153 calories, fats account for 17 calories and proteins account for 16 calories.

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The primary ingredients that go into the making of rasgullas are cheese curds (chhena) and semolina. So the nutritional benefits of rasgulla are derived from these two ingredients. First, let's see why chhena is good for health.

Chhena is made after the milk is curdled and milk is a good source of protein - casein accounts for 80 per cent and whey accounts for 20 per cent of the protein. Both these high-quality proteins contain all the essential amino acids which are linked to good health.

2. Strengthens the bones and teeth

As chhena is made from curdled milk, it is a good source of calcium too. Calcium is an essential mineral required for healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin D present in the milk also helps in maintaining strong bones.
Apart from this, chenna is good for heart health and improves digestion.

3. Good for people trying to lose weight

As no frying is involved in the preparation of rasgulla and the sugar syrup used is very thin in consistency, it's less in calories compared to other Indian sweets. This makes it a great sweet dish to have when you are trying to lose weight.

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Semolina is another ingredient that is high in protein content and low in fat which makes it great for people who are trying to lose weight. It also has a low glycemic index that makes it great for diabetics as well. It's also packed with B vitamins, including folate and thiamine that give you energy and support brain function.

So all of this makes rasgulla a healthy and guilt-free dessert.

Another interesting health fact is that rasgulla is considered much healthier than gulab jamun. Do you know why? Because gulab jamun is fried and it's made with too much sugar.

Chhena and semolina are mixed together into a dough and kneaded. It is then made into small balls and boiled in sugar syrup.

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