The Gerson Therapy: What You Need To Know


Cancer is attributed to the abnormal growth of body cells. Cancer is among the leading causes of death globally. Apart from the medicinal cancer treatment techniques, there are few alternative therapies that have been shown to work in case of certain clinical trials on dealing with cancerous cells. Many people believe these forms of natural therapies as a convenient and effective means of preventing/treating cancer.

One such popular alternative treatment methodology is the Gerson Therapy. The focus of this therapy is on the development of a nutritional system that contains a specialized diet, raw juices, supplements and detoxification . However, there have also been several questions asked on the efficacy of the Gerson Therapy by several expert doctors.

Read on to find out how effective this therapy is in treating cancer as well as few other chronic ailments.

The Gerson Therapy is also sometimes known as the Gerson Therapy diet. The therapy claims to be able to activate the body's extraordinary ability to heal itself. It is developed by Dr. Max B. Gerson, who himself had used the therapy successfully to treat his migraine .

According to Gerson, cancers (and many other chronic diseases) are caused due to metabolic changes in the body. Metabolism is affected when toxic substances accumulate in one's body. The Gerson Therapy works by restoring the wellness of the health through the removal of toxins and in turn increasing immunity .

The three major components of the Gerson Therapy are as follows:

People undergoing this therapy need to follow an organic, plant-based diet alongside using coffee enemas several times in a day for detoxification. Also, this therapy requires the person to intake a variety of supplements to help correct cell metabolism.

The successful working of this therapy is dependent on the diligent execution of its components that include the following:

Gerson believed that diseased cells contained too much sodium and too little potassium. Therefore, under this therapy, one is put on a low sodium, high potassium diet. When the cells reportedly begin to shrink, it is a sign of recovery.

Although there is no evidence that could support the claims of the Gerson Therapy, a few researchers have studied its effects on treating cancer. It was observed that about 153 people who had skin cancer and were put on the Gerson Therapy survived much longer than patients who chose to proceed with the conventional treatment mechanisms .

However, these studies being small scale cannot be considered strong enough to be accounted as the perfect means to determine the efficacy of the Gerson Therapy.

High-quality studies need to be performed to accurately determine the effectiveness of the Gerson Therapy's ability to combat cancer.

The Gerson Therapy does not permit the intake of foods that are high in sodium, protein and fat. The following is the list of foods that you cannot eat when on the Gerson Therapy :

The Gerson Therapy also discourages drinking water while on the diet . This is because it is believed that water would dilute the stomach acid and not allow enough room for the fresh juices or foods. Instead, it is advisable that one drinks 13 glasses of freshly pressed juice or herbal tea daily.

It is mandatory to stick to an organic, plant-based diet. The following can be consumed :

The following can be eaten occasionally:

Although there have not been any comprehensive studies as such, the following are attributed as the potential health benefits of this therapy, primarily because it is a nutrient-rich, plant-based diet .

The Gerson Therapy has the following downsides and risks:

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