What Happens When You Have Too Much Sex?


Sex is one of the most pleasurable activities that has a number of health benefits due to the aerobic components of the activity and its stress-relieving effects. But, have you ever wondered what happens when you have sex daily? We are going to discuss that in this article.

According to the American Sexual Health Association, sexual health is more than preventing diseases and unplanned pregnancies, it's actually about recognizing that sex can be an important part of your life.

Finding about the appropriate frequency of sexual activities with your partner that you are comfortable with surely can spice up your sex life. But, too much sex can harm both yours and your partner's health. You could be wondering how much sex is too much sex. Well, there is no specific answer to that question. It all depends on you and your partner.

However, you could look out for certain indications your body might give suggesting that you are having too much sex.

So here's what happens when you have too much sex.

1. Exhaustion
2. Addiction
3. Sore Penis
4. Bruises Or Rug Burns
5. Inflammation And Swelling In Women
6. Losing Interest In The Middle Of The Act
7. Lower Back Pain
8. Risk Of Contracting UTI

If you are having too much sex with your partner, the body releases norepinephrine, adrenaline and cortisol into the bloodstream which results in an increase in heart rate, glucose metabolism and blood pressure. This becomes an exercise for the body and makes you feel tired when done occasionally. Your exhaustion may lead to fatigue all day if you have too much sex.

Another thing that happens when you have too much sex is that you can get addicted to it. A person with a sexual addiction can harm his or her relationship with their partner because you become obsessed with sex or have an abnormally intense sex drive. Even if your partner doesn't want to have sex, your urge is uncontrollable.

After sex, many men may experience sharp pain that lasts a few seconds which is normal. When you are frequently engaged in sex, it could lead to a sore penis due to extended manual stimulation, or ejaculating forcibly, and so on. If the pain lasts longer for a few hours or a few days, then chances are that there is an infection in the testicles, prostate, epididymis, or you may have contracted sexually transmitted diseases.

If your partner loves rough sex, beware! Having too much rough sex daily leads to rug burns which occur when the heat from the friction damages the skin. This may make you feel uncomfortable and you might be unable to have sex in certain positions. No one likes to have bruised skin near their genitals!

Women who have too much sex can experience a condition called vaginal excoriation which refers to the scrapping of the vulva skin during penetration. This condition occurs when there is too much friction during sex that hurts the vaginal walls which further causes burning while urinating or difficulty in walking resulting from a swollen vagina.

Though sex may make you active, too much of it may make you lose interest in the middle of the act, especially when you have sex daily. This happens because your body is so tired due to daily sexual activities and it needs some rest too.

Another indication that you are having too much sex is lower back pain. It's normal to have lower back pain when there are sudden movements that put too much stress on the lower back. But, when these sudden movements become extreme overtime, it could cause chronic lower back pain.

Women who are sexually active tend to have higher risks of getting UTI compared to women who aren't sexually active. Having sex daily with different partners mainly puts you at risk of contracting a UTI because frequent sexual intercourse transmits bacteria into a woman's urinary tract leading to the development of a UTI.

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