Tips To Make Pasta Healthy, 12 Expert Tips

Tips To Make Pasta Healthy, 12 Expert Tips
When you are not in the mood for cooking, pasta comes to mind; after all it is easy-to-make and equally delicious. However, depending on what's included in your dish, it can also quickly change from a great choice to a high-calorie meal (read: cheesy meal). This delightful treat can become wholesome only if you add the right ingredients to it. So, if you are looking to lose weight and wish to enjoy pasta, all you need to do is to pick the right contents that need to be added in it. If this has got you excited, we tell you some expert tips to make your pasta meal super healthy in different ways.

Here are some interesting and inexpensive ways to make your pasta healthy as suggested by Food Blogger and Culinary Expert Chef Reetu Uday Kugaji.

1. If you wish to make pasta healthy, make sure you choose wheat flour pasta. Half of the problem is solved here. Most pastas are made using refined flour, which makes it unhealthy in more ways than one. You can use whole wheat flour, buckwheat, sprouted grain, spelt, quinoa and brown rice pasta.2. Add lots of fresh and seasonal vegetables; this will help make pasta more nutritious.3. Use lean meats; pasta is generally served with meats high in fats. Prefer using lean protein that will make it more nutrient-dense than calorie-dense.(Also Read: )
If you wish to make pasta healthy, make sure you choose wheat flour pasta4. Try not using white sauce as it contains cream and cheese containing a lot of saturated fats that are harmful in the longer run. Instead use red sauces made in olive oil.5. If you don't want to miss the cheese in your pasta, make sure you choose the healthier version, which may include cheddar and parmesan. Try adding lesser quantity of cheese to enjoy healthful pasta.6. Use skinless chicken, which grilled, baked or sautéed.7. Prefer using pot liquor, which is the water left after blanching the vegetables. This will help make the pasta much more nutritious than before.8. Use olive oil for making pasta. Try not to use any refined oil that only adds to the fat and calories.9. A plateful of pasta doesn't mean you need to make a big pot of it. Portion control is important. Try making less quantity and ensure a limited portion. 
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A plateful of pasta doesn't mean you need to make a big pot of it10. Increase the protein content in your pasta. Complex carbohydrates are great, but balancing them with protein helps keep your blood sugar level maintained and allows you to feel fuller for longer.11. Chillies add a great deal of flavour and health. Tone down the heat of chillies by deseeding them.12. Cook the pasta until it is al dente, which means it still has some bite to it. The firmer pasta takes longer for the body to digest.

Go on, add some healthiness to your pasta and never be guilty again. After all, pasta is all sorts of love!



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