5 Best Tips For Skinny Guys Trying To Gain Muscles


No matter you call yourself a hard-gainer, an ectomorph, or just skinny, let us tell you that you're not alone. A lot of skinny guys out there are making efforts to pack on some serious weight and gain muscle strength.

Some claim that body size is generally defined by genes/DNA, which implies that if you're born skinny, then you're most likely to remain that way forever.

Sorry to say, but that's utter nonsense! Your genetics don't really have any effect on your body size and how muscular you become. Thin guys can definitely put on muscle and gain weight, even if they have a pretty fast metabolism. It stands true that many naturally thin men face difficulties in upping their body mass.

But thankfully, a permutation and combination of changes with respect to your lifestyle, eating habits and workout schedule can help you in your journey towards gaining weight and muscle faster.

You only have to approach the right things in the right manner; if you already are then maybe a bit differently. How? Let us take you through the essentials that skinny guys need to abide by in order to gain some serious muscle.

What seems challenging to you right now may be most guys' starting weight. But then, you have got to start somewhere, right? Just get over this fear and go for it-let it seem tough in the beginning, but never lose sight of the success that lies on the other side.

Rather than giving in to the challenges, start challenging your own limits instead. Find your motivation; let it scream to yourself, "It WILL happen." Trust me, you will feel amazed once you've hit your first target, and you look back at how much progress you've made.

You need to eat a lot. Our bodies require surplus calories to pack on pounds and grow those muscles. Start by adding 500 more calories to your daily diet, and continue to do so until you're satisfied with your weight gain. Foods such as lean meats and calorie-dense ones provide the best results.

For optimal muscle enhancement, it's mandatory to lift weights that are heavy enough to stop you before or at 6 to 12 reps per set. For your chest muscles to bulk up, try 3-5 sets of bench-press to target your body's largest muscle groups. And for your quadriceps, go with squats.

There's to alternative: Learn to love and drink a lot of water. You might not know but water makes up as much as 70 per cent of your muscles. So there's nothing that makes more sense than water when it comes to building those bigger and stronger muscles. Drink, at least, about a gallon of water each day.

Do not ignore the subtle power of sleeping. As it sleeps, your body repairs itself from all the stress that comes from exercising. More scientifically, the brain's pituitary gland releases growth hormones while we're sleeping; these, in return, drive muscle repair and growth. For the best gain in terms of both weight and stamina, aim for a minimum of seven hours of sleep every night.

Being a skinny guy, once you've got the basics right and now you want to gain muscle mass, it gets important to make weight training a major part of your workout regime.

No need to be a gym rat for that. Woking out for some good 45 minutes to 1 hour every session is enough. Bottomline, it's about performing all body workouts thrice per week and you can stick to that by doing the following exercises in sets of 1 to 3 for 8 to 12 reps:

So, now it must be clear how slim guys can gain muscle too. How they can get ripped, have big arms and be buff. Just eat healthy, sleep well and work out consistently.

Share your muscle-building journey with us by dropping a comment below. If you've any suggestions for us, feel free to bring that up too.

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