10 Smart Tips For Improved And Safer Treadmill Workout


What do you do on those days when you can't jog or run outside due to heat, cold or rain? You resort to the treadmill, isn't it? And why not? Exercising on a treadmill offer the same benefits, plus the ability to include hill-specific workouts and pacing strategies. And on top, treadmills are safer too. Right?

Not really! Did you know that, in the US, in 2014 alone, more than 24,000 emergency-room-visits were reported as being associated with treadmills? Although deaths, fortunately, were rare in those scenarios, the number should be enough to emphasise that mishaps CAN occur on treadmills-especially when people lose their balance.

The consequences in most cases include bruises, sprains, broken bones, concussions, and sometimes even death. That's why, next time you're getting on a treadmill, it's vital for you to know your physical limits and keep safety in mind.

So we've come up with 10 tips that can keep you safe on a treadmill beside helping you maximize your workout:

Some of the falls on a treadmill are caused by cardiovascular incidents, like a heart attack or stroke. Males over 55 with high-stress levels are highly prone to such accidents. Make sure to have a clean health record before starting an exercise program.

Stop or change your workout if you ever feel chest pain, shortness of breath while exercising. These signs more than often points toward an underlying health condition that needs to be discussed with your physician.

Exercising on a treadmill and simultaneously watching TV or reading could be a distracting combination. Instead, start your workout at a slower pace, ditch the headphones until you find your rhythm, and keep the volume fairly low.

Always be sure to wear good athletic footwear and do not wear anything that could snag in the belt of the treadmill. Avoid wearing sandals or running barefoot on a treadmill.

We often start the treadmill while standing on the belt. Stop doing that! You won't even understand when the motion would catch you by surprise and knock you off balance. Rather allow the belt to start moving before stepping on it. And it's always better to stop the machine before getting off.

It implies that your shoulders should be back, head facing forward, hands relaxed and arms swinging naturally. Stride just as you would outside.

For starters, it's always better to first add time gradually to your workout. You can later add speed or modify the incline of your treadmill to increase the intensity. We recommend increasing either of speed or intensity, not both together.

Did you know that there exists a clip that can be attached to your clothing? If you trip or fall or even lose your balance, the key will pull itself away from the machine, and as a result of that the treadmill shuts down.

Follow these tips to keep yourself safe every time you're exercising on the treadmill. For queries and suggestions, feel free to drop your message in the "Comments" section below.

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