The Most Effective Ab Exercises For Men over 40


Do you remember how it felt to be that 25-year-young guy, strolling around on beaches, with your shirts off?. Weren't those the days of caring the least?

But sadly now, you're over 40, got a full-time job, have a full-time family, and living a full-time life. And that doesn't really translate into a full rack of abs, does it?

If either or all of the above made you go down memory lane and then look down at the excess 10+ pounds around your middle with disappointment, it's time for a wake-up call.

It's time to challenge your own expectations from your body. Just because you're over 40 and you can't metabolize beer like it's water anymore, that need not mean that you can't have a ripped physique. You surely can have lean and strong abs even when you're 40, 50, 60 and beyond.

Let us show you how.

Before we get into the exercises part of it, there are a few basic and very important things that need to taken care of; they're the building blocks to strong abs.

First, you need to put in some extra work to lose those few extra pounds around your waist in order to see your abs coming. The best way to do that is to commit to a weight loss transformation program.

And then, second, as with all workout programs, it's compulsory to abide by a proper diet and strong mindset before beginning.

They say that the older you get, the wiser you become, but on the flipside, post 40, the more your joints hurt too. But does that imply you should slow down your previous workout regime? Not one bit. Making a few changes to your exercise regimen is all that you need to do and you'll be adding power like your 25-year-old self.

Follow this program to get your abs even in your 40s.

Essentially, ab-wheel rollouts are all about starting on your knees and then rolling the ab-wheel out in front of you. To do this effectively; you have to tense your ab muscles the entire time. Also, do not let your lower back dip at the furthest point of your roll out.

To do Swiss ball crunches, you position your lower back on an exercise ball such that your butt is just off the ball. Then outstretch your arms behind you-that's the key as it adds extra tension to your abs-and curl your abs forward.

RKC (Russian Kettlebell Club) plank stand is the best plank exercise that you can do. In it you assume a plank position wherein you push up on your forearms to create a rounding in your upper back. Then, you need to tense your glutes and quads tightly and soon you'll be able to feel your muscles shake, which means it's working. This exercise actually engages your entire body.

To do a side plank you need to place your forearm on the ground so that your other shoulder is directly in line with your elbow. Then, place your legs to the side and rest your feet on each other. Finally, lift your hip off of the floor and make sure your body is in a straight line from head to toe: sustain this position.

To do this exercise you need to be lying on a bed, bench or floor, and perform raising and then lowering your legs. To reap the benefits of lying leg raises, you need to master every aspect of the form. You must focus on rolling your pelvis under and upwards to fully engage your lower abs.

Oh yes, there you have the 5 most effective ab-exercise for men outlined above. We, at Boldsky, wish everyone good luck who are willing to embark on this transformation journey. Go forth, friends, and get your abs flaunting soon!

Let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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