The Huge Benefits Of Eating Well Left Researchers Amazed!


We all have heard this sentence from someone or the other at least once in our life. And more than often, it is very conveniently ignored by most of us. Eating a well-balanced diet is extremely crucial for everyone. We all have heard lectures about the importance of eating a healthy meal throughout the years and still do from time to time.

The benefits of a healthy diet are not hidden from anyone at all. We are all aware of these benefits on our health and body. It keeps us fit as a fiddle. But sometimes, we neglect it and don't realise some of the miraculous effects it has on our body and our overall health.

A recent research conducted by the researchers at the Health Services Research at the University of Florida with Dr Kalyani Sonawane as the lead author revealed some unknown and extremely shocking benefits of eating healthy that even amazed the researchers.

While there have been countless researches that have found out that yoga can help in preventing or even curing in some cases of rigorous diseases like cancer, a study by some researchers indicated that a healthy dietcan also help in curing a disease like cancer which is still considered incurable by even the best and most qualified doctors.
Even though a healthy diet may not be able to cure this disease, it does to a very great extent reduce the risk of death.

The study indicates that a healthy and well-balanced diet can decrease the chances of death by 65 per cent. The shocking figures bedazzled the researchers as well.
This should definitely be a green signal for doctors and medical practitioners to start prescribing their patients a healthy and well-balanced diet as an actual and important remedy along with the normal medication going on for such a rigorous disease.

While the researchers did assume that there would be some association of a healthy diet with the disease, they never expected the reduction to be as much as 65 per cent.

This is one of the first studies that has shown the association between a well-balanced and healthy diet and cancer deaths reduction. It was also the first study to consider the entire diet routine of a cancer patient to study its association with their health and risk of deaths.

Up until now, almost all the studies talking about the diet of cancer patients focused only on certain specific pieces of diet - like the evidence that vitamin D lowers the risk of colon cancer to quite some extent, or that consumption of turmeric has been shown to slow the growth of tumors to a large extent in people.

The 'total diet' approach is blunter and far more effective than just including some specific nutrition in your diet. The main idea behind this is that the patients must try to eat a balanced diet of healthy food.
Even though it sounds very obvious and the most normal thing to do, it is often one of the most neglected factors by cancer patients and they might ignore consuming a healthy diet and only focus on the mainstream medication that they have been taking.

From a patient's perspective, it is often very difficult to have a proper, healthy, and well-balanced diet as it can be confusing to decide what should be included in their meal and what should not be included and be ignored from their diet.

From a scientific perspective as well, the idea of trying to deal with a disease like cancer by adopting a healthy and well-balanced diet is extremely unappealing as it is so hard to measure the impact the healthy and well-balanced diet has on their health accurately.

So, if you or anyone you know is dealing with this disease, recommend them to try a well-balanced, nutritious, and healthy diet to deal with the disease in a more effective way and make the process a bit easier and their risk of death quite low.
Also, in the end, this remedy or precaution can never ever harm anyone or have any side effects on the health of the patient. It will only benefit them and nothing else. So, it is worth giving a shot.

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