The “Extreme” Month-Long Programs To Burn Maximum Fat & Build Massive Muscles


Diet and cardio are the two musts when it comes to burning body fat. Along with that, what also has a massive impact on the amount of body fat you burn is the way you weight-train.

Basically, there are five chief training alternatives that you can manipulate to further increase the amount of fat you burn by lifting weights. Once you incorporate these variables in a proper manner, you'll then have a training program that efficiently burns fat while simultaneously building lean muscle and strength.

We'll surely get into the "extreme" month-long workout program, which will help you maximize your body's fat-burning potential besides resulting in impressive muscle-gain. But first, it's important to learn the five "burn alternatives."

It's pretty simple-the more muscles you use, the more calories you burn. Therefore, multijoint free-weight exercises, for example, squats, bench press, shoulder press, etc. maximize your calorie-burns, rather than machine exercises or single-joint isolation moves.

It's better to opt for standing exercises versus sitting ones; say, a standing shoulder press in place of a seated press.

Light weight backed with high reps is the best for burning fat and getting lean. That's what you've been taught so far, right? Well that's true, but partly.

There have been multiple studies done which prove that by lifting heavier for fewer reps might burn fewer calories during the workout, but once you're done working out and your normal day proceeds you'll gradually burn a lot more.

You must be thinking what to do: Lift heavy or go light? We say, both! The following program has been designed to offer you the best of both worlds.

Did you know that performing fast reps compared to slow, controlled ones can increase the number of calories burnt by more than 10 per cent? Not only that, doing so also boosts your metabolic rate post workout.

Also, rest periods between sets largely affect calorie-burn. Regardless of the number of reps, you can burn over 50 per cent more calories when you rest between sets for 30 seconds instead of 3 minutes. Even if losing weight is on high priority, you still can train heavy and burn more calories rather than giving up your strength.

All you need to do is keep your rest periods under 1 minute. Shorter rest periods definitely affect your strength on following sets, but it's going to pay off with the extra weight that you'll be losing.

Supersets is what refers to doing two exercises, back to back, without taking rest in between. By following the superset approach, you burn 35 per cent more calories per minute when compared to performing straight sets with 1-minute rest between each.

To burn fats while gaining muscles tremendously, our fitness experts have collated the best possible workout regimen-the Extreme Workout Programme. Follow this program for 4-6 weeks. And, don't forget to abide by the requisite diet while following this plan.

Perform all these workouts for four consecutive days, rest on the fifth and then again start over on the sixth day to continue in the same fashion.

For any query on this programme or suggestions on topics you'd like us to cover, please drop a comment in the section below. We're listening to you!

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