10 Self-care Tips For A Healthy You


A famous person had once remarked, "An empty lantern provides no light. Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly." In the hustle and bustle of everyday chores at the workplace or even at home, we often forget ourselves and entirely dedicate our minds and souls to achieving our target. We often forget that self-care is not a luxury, but it is a priority and a necessity.

The definition of self-care might vary from person to person, but the sole intention must be to do something which makes you feel better and helps your mind relax. It is a practice which a person should be following throughout the year, but often worldly circumstances make it impossible.

Human beings are just like flowers which need nurturing and care in order to bloom into a beautiful flower. Even in your wee hours of the day, you must remember to do a small act just for your happiness. It is essential that you take a few steps back and rejuvenate your mind, soul, and body. The following self-care tips can help you relax, regain your happiness and keep you healthy and active.

It is truly said that good times will come and go but memories will last forever. It is the key to shape your future. It is true that you cannot be good to everyone, but you can always document the good things which people say about you. It can be a compliment which you earned for your hard work in a client presentation, or while cooking delicious cuisine for your family. So whenever you are upset just read through these memories to know the good in you.

The goal of meditation is not to control your thought; rather, it's a way to stop allowing thoughts to control you. In the state of despair, anger, or sorrow a person often loses his/her mind to think which path to follow. They become perplexed by the complexity of the problems. This is where you should meditate for 15 minutes in a day to calm your mind and relax your body.

Friendship is a partnership where both of you support each other in tough times and celebrate achievements together. Even though you might get abundant time to meet up with your friends like school/college days, take out a few hours in a month to think about your old days and laugh over it. This is an important self-care method to relax.

To rejuvenate your energy, you don't need to plan an exotic vacation to Las Vegas or Venice; instead, you can plan a short trip for 2 days to any nearby place. A vacation is what a person needs when he/she can no longer bear whatever they were taking. Plan a trip with friends or family and see the anticipation in yourself about this upcoming vacation. And with this, bid goodbye to all your worries.

A recent study shows that the more a person consumes fruits and vegetable, the happier they seem in the long run. This is because they help in improving one's physical endurance. Besides, it is seen that regular consumption of carotenoids present in fruits and veggies help in enhancing the level of optimism. Frequent consumption of vitamin B12 boosts serotonin which helps in regulating your mood. So eat healthily and start living a happy life.

If you desire for a healthy and active life, then it is best to avoid negative people both at the workplace and home. They are the ones who will complain about everything and search for flaws in people. Such people can demoralize a person and fill them with depression. They will make you realize that you are worthless and cannot accomplish anything. We don't really need such people when you are searching for your lost happiness. So it's best to avoid them.

A book is a person's best friend. You can take motivation from books you read. But remember to read an excellent book. This doesn't mean reading spiritual books, but a romantic love story can also inspire you. But stay away from books that have a depressing storyline or which can make you feel less motivated. Spend at least 1 hour before bedtime to read a good book to help you sleep better.

A hobby is not just a leisure activity; instead, it is a self-caring method to do something that brings a smile to your face, without you having anything to worry about. It is the best method to keep yourself engaged when you are perplexed with the anxieties around you. Indulge in any one of your favourite hobbies like writing, gardening, reading, etc.

A body spa might sound like a luxury, but it is indeed required to soothe your mind and body and make you free of anxiety. It helps in relaxation. After a spa day, you will not only experience a flawless skin, but you will admire yourself in front of the mirror. The massage will take away your stress, tension, aches, and pains. And lastly, it will release serotonin, the happy hormone which is best for your healthy mind.

In this tech-savvy world, not a single moment passes without a person swiping through the Internet. Although the Internet keeps us updated about what is going on around the world, a day off from the Internet can help you in treating your mind. When the Internet wasn't there, people used to get engaged in activities like meeting old pals, reading the newspaper, playing outdoor games, etc. It boosted their mental and physical health. So take a day off from the Internet and live your life doing something to make you happy.

These are, however, some of the methods to treat yourself. But the core intention is to do something which will re-energize your mind, get rid of anxiety, and make you happy. Remember, if you love yourself, others will do the same. The more you think negatively about yourself; the world will look down on you.

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