Your 10-Minute Total Body Workout Guide


Our busy lifestyles inevitably put a strain on our regular fitness routine too. Going to work, coming back, driving again to the gym, working out and driving back home-it simply isn't possible. So what do you do? Instead of skipping exercise altogether, why don't you try to take just 10 minutes out of your busy day to do an effective home-based workout? Yes, you can definitely have a great workout session in a short amount of time! That also, using the bare-essential pieces of equipment.

But here's the catch. Short workout sessions don't always mean easy. Quick but, at the same time, intense workouts can be super effective once executed correctly. You need to know the right exercises, their nuances, the right format to boost up your metabolism, fat loss and muscle building processes.

And, that's what we're going to help you with through this article. Follow the steps properly and you'll feel nothing short of spending an hour in the gym.

How Much: 1 minute
How To Do: Start by getting yourself into plank position: support your entire body on your hands and toes. Hands directly under your shoulders, abdominals contracted, back straight and looking ahead of you. Hold this position for as long as possible for you, up to 1 minute.

How Much: 15 reps/leg
How To Do: You need to stand tall, feet hip distance apart. Now take one large step backwards with one foot to get to your starting position. Lower the knee of the back-leg to 90 degrees (both your knees will bend as a result) and then press up to start position. That's one rep.

How Much: 1 minute
How To Do: Start on all fours, extending your legs and feet shoulder-width apart. Now lift your knees up alternatively pulling them toward your opposite elbows and simultaneously crunching your upper body down.

How Much: 15 reps
How To Do: Lie down on the floor, arms at your sides and legs stretched as much as possible. Now lift your legs so that your toes point the ceiling and simultaneously also use your arms to touch your knees. Then carefully lower yourself down. That's one rep.

How Much: 15 reps
How To Do: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Start by performing a regular squat and then engage your core to jump upward explosively. Lower your body, back into the starting squat position, as you land. Land with control, that finishes one rep.

How Much: 10 reps
How To Do: Place your hands palms-down on the floor, shoulder-width apart. Raise your body supporting your entire on your arms and feet. Breathe out as you push and then lower your body back down to complete one rep.

How Much: 10 reps/side
How To Do: Get into a pushup position with your body weight resting on your forearms. Now, raise your right arm until it's pointing the ceiling, and then bring it down tracing the same path. That's one rep.

How Much: 10 reps
How To Do: Get into the general plank position by supporting your body on your forearms and toes. Keep your abdominals contracted, back straight and their lower your body down, as much as possible. You thus complete one rep.

How Much: 15 slow reps
How To Do: Lie on your back, knees bent, and hands behind your head. Now curl up forward so that you're lifting your head, neck and upper shoulders off the floor. When at the top of the movement, hold the position for a moment and then lower slowly back down.

Blast yourself through this 10-minute workout session that has been designed to hit all your muscle groups. In case of any query or suggestion, feel free to reach out to us simply by dropping your message in the 'Comments' section below.

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