Health Risks Of Smoking Hookah


Be it in movies or in ancient art, we have all seen people holding a long pipe and blowing out smokes for merriment. The traditional form of cigarettes, hookah is something that has not lost its popularity over the years. Even with the advent of various other innovations, hookah still remains a favourite among the masses. So basically, a hookah is a water pipe that is used for smoking tobacco. The pipe is normally large in size and consists of a water chamber, a tobacco chamber, and one or more tubes that are flexible, allowing more than one smokers to use the hookah at the same .

The tobacco used in a hookah is often sweetened with fruit pulp, honey, additional flavours like coconut, fruit flavours, mint, or coffee. The flavourings used in hookah tobacco is one of the major factors causing it to be a favourite among youngsters. However, in the shade of the fun and joy the smoke provides you, people often tend to overlook the arduous health risks it can have on your body.

Having been in use for more than 400 years, hookah was invented over the misbelief of the inventor that the water would minimise the health risks posed by tobacco, before inhalation. Let us get to know the negative ways through which hookah smoking can affect your health   .

Though using cold water can ease the harsh effect on your lungs, the tobacco and the smoke from it contain various toxins such as the following :

A person can get affected not only by smoking hookah but also by inhaling the smoke, which can happen if you are sitting close to the person smoking. People are often lead to believe that hookah smoking is safe when compared to that of cigarette smoking. However, that is entirely false as hookah smokers are at risk for as cigarette smokers are .

Some of the common health risks associated with hookah smoking are as follows:

Although it is more than often considered that smoking hookah is safer than smoking a cigarette. But various studies reveal, with scientific evidence, that hookah smoking is equally hazardous to your health and wellbeing . Therefore, the next time you are pushed towards taking a puff from the pipe to 'fit in', consider the negative effects it can have on you.

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