Shocking Things Your Nose Reveals About Your Health


Here are some bizarre things your nose can reveal about your health which you probably never thought of! We all know that a runny nose is a sign of flu or cold but other things such as the loss of sense of smell and olfactory hallucination - a condition due to which you tend to smell something which is not there - point towards some very serious health conditions which you should know about.

Everything about your nose ranging from its appearance to the smelling ability as well as the colour of your snot reveals your health condition. Here are some amazing things you need to know about your nose. Read on to know more.

which is usually caused because of dry air which makes your nasal membranes moisture deprived, chapped and prone to bacterial infections. Usually, nose bleeding doesn't point towards any serious health condition but it can be a sign of:

If you are experiencing a loss of sense of smell it could be a sign of health conditions ranging from diabetes to nasal polyps. Here's all you need to know about it:

This refers to smelling something good or bad which doesn't really exist. It can be a symptom of serious health conditions. One or both your nostrils get affected in this condition. Phantom smell can be an outcome of:

This condition is marked by reddening or thickening of the skin of your nose. A subtype of severe rosacea which is called rhinophyma results in the change in shape of the nose and triggers breathing difficulty. This is found to be common amongst men.

Nasal Mucus:
Did you know that the colour of your nasal mucus can help you detect infections?
Coloured Mucus: If your snot is yellow or green-coloured, it can be a sign of viral or bacterial infections and you should consult your doctor to get medicated with antibiotics to treat the infection.
Brown Mucus: Various causes can turn your snot brown-coloured, severe air pollution, excess consumption of tobacco, dried blood, etc. If your surrounding environment is too polluted, then avoid outdoor exercises and switch to an indoor workout. Also, wear a mask when you step out to prevent inhaling dust and debris.
Black Mucus: If you notice that the colour of your nasal mucus is black, it can be symptom a serious condition or fungal infection caused by fungus in your respiratory system. It could also be because of inhaling dust in excess. Visit a doctor to stay safe and detect the exact cause.

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