7 Metabolism-boosting Habits You Should Start Today!


Time and again, when we open health blogs or magazines, we come across the word metabolism frequently, right? Especially, when it comes to articles written on weight loss and immunity, metabolism is a word seen often. So, we naturally start to wonder what metabolism is and how it plays a role when it comes to our health.

Metabolism can be described as a biological process, or a chemical process that occurs within the body in order to sustain life. The process of breaking down the food consumed by the body to produce energy that is used for various activities, both internal and external, is known as metabolism.

The metabolic rate of the body is nothing but the rate at which the food is being broken down and converted into energy. When a person has a slower metabolic rate, it could cause a number of health problems, such as weight gain, difficulty in losing weight, low immunity, low energy levels, loss of sexual libido, etc.

So, here are 6 habits you can cultivate in order to boost your metabolism.

Whole foods are the type of foods which have been refined very minimally, with no additives or preservatives, thus still retaining their natural form and nutritional value. So, whole foods like whole grains, whole wheat flour, whole rice flour, brown rice, barley, etc. are very nutritious and can also boost your metabolic rate to a significant extent, as they have the ability to energise all the cells of the body to enable them to break down the food and convert them into energy faster. Nutrients like protein and antioxidants present in whole foods further increase the metabolic rate of the body.

As we know, exercise is one of the most important habits one must develop in order to maintain a healthy life. Studies have shown that exercising on a regular basis can not only prevent but even treat a number of ailments. Even when it comes to metabolism, exercising on a regular basis plays a significant role in boosting it. Exercising can help in the development of lean muscles, if your diet is also right. When the lean muscle mass increases in the body, it can automatically boost the metabolism.

Many a time, we tend to skip breakfast, if we are in a hurry to start off our day or we are just used to the habit of not eating breakfast. However, this habit can be very harmful to your health, as it lowers your metabolic rate greatly. So, having a nutritious breakfast every day can keep your metabolic levels boosted and healthy, thus helping you remain healthy and also aid weight loss.

Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and as a result it comes with a number of health benefits. Even with regards to metabolism, green tea has been known to help increase the rate, as the antioxidants in it stimulate the cells of the body to break down food at a faster rate. When the process of food breakdown is boosted, the energy produced will also be boosted, thus increasing the metabolism of the body.

As we know, a balanced diet is very essential to remain healthy and a balanced diet consist of nutrients like protein, vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre, fats, etc. Consuming foods rich in dietary fibre, such as, leafy greens, whole wheat, peas, beans, etc., can help boost your metabolic rate, as the body works harder to break down fibre, thus using more energy.

Drinking enough water, that is, at least 2 litres a day and staying hydrated at all times is very important for overall health. When it comes to the metabolic rate of the body, staying well-hydrated plays an important role, because when your body has enough fluids, it allows the breakdown of food in a more efficient manner. When the breakdown of food is efficient, the metabolic rate automatically increases.

Yet another natural way to boost your metabolism is to consume iron-rich food like, spinach, nuts, broccoli, dry fruit, etc., because, optimum levels of iron in the body can help boost the metabolic rate.

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