16 Surprising Benefits Of The Citrus Fruit, Pomelo


The largest member of the citrus family, pomelo is a close relative of the  grapefruit. The prolonged period of time taken for the fruit to grow, which is eight years, can be accorded to the lack of popularity the citrus fruit has. However, there is an exponential change in the demand for pomelo with health enthusiasts focusing on exploring the glut of health benefits offered by the citrus marvel.

The remarkable benefits offered by the pulpy fruit helps in improving your immune system to digestive health. Loaded with vitamin C, the citrus fruit can benefit your body  in a number of ways. From your increasing your blood cells to improving your bone density, the nutritional benefits offered by the grapefruit look-alike know no boundaries. Read on to know more about the sweet like orange and tangy like tangerine fruit and the deluge of benefits it offers to your health.

100 grams of raw pomelo have 30 kcal of energy, 0.04 grams fat, 0.76 grams protein, 0.034 milligrams thiamine, 0.027 milligrams riboflavin, 0.22 milligrams niacin, 0.036 milligrams vitamin B6, 0.11 milligrams iron, 0.017 milligrams manganese and 0.08 milligrams zinc.

The other nutrients in the citrus fruit are

Typically known as the forefather of , this citrus fruit has three different varieties.

This is the Israeli variety of the citrus fruit. Compared to the other types of pomelo, white pomelo is bigger in size and has a  thicker peel, significant odour and sweet pulp. It is usually consumed for treating digestion related issues. The white pomelo ripens during mid-May and mid-October.

This variety has a thinner skin and has a tangy, as well as sour flavour. The inside is more compact and is native to Malaysia. Red pomelo  is considered to be the first of its kind. It ripens between September and January.

This type of citrus fruit is comparatively sweet and has numerous seeds. It is juicy in comparison and is a natural remedy for intestinal worms .

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The advantages of consuming the citrus fruit range from improving your immune system to strengthening your bones.

The high fibre content in the fruit is beneficial for your digestive health. By providing 25% of the daily requirement of fibre, the fruit helps in promoting movement in the digestive tract. The fibre content in pomelo stimulates the secretion of gastric and digestive juices, contributing towards bettering the process of breaking down  the complex proteins. Pomelo helps in eliminating digestion related issues such as diarrhoea and constipation.

Pomelo is widely known for the abundance of vitamin C  content in it. Being an antioxidant, the fruit helps in promoting the white blood cell activities and destroys the free radicals that cause the damage to your body. The fruit is a major source of ascorbic acid, which is directly linked to improving the immune system. Regular and controlled consumption of pomelo  can help fight off fevers, coughs, colds and other viral and bacterial infections.

A good source of potassium, the citrus fruit helps in increasing the blood circulation  and organ oxygenation. With potassium being a vasodilator, the fruit can help in releasing the tension and blockages in the blood vessels as well. Through this, the fruit can help reduce the strain on your hearts, thereby restricting the onset of heart attacks, strokes and atherosclerosis .

Vitamin C improves the absorption of iron. As aforementioned, pomelo has a rich vitamin C content which acts against anaemia. That is, by absorbing the required amount of iron, the citrus fruit helps in treating the shortage of blood. Regular consumption of pomelo can limit the onset of anaemia and improve blood circulation.

Various studies have emphasised on the benefits offered by the potassium  content in the pomelo fruit. It helps in reducing the bad cholesterol levels in your body. The pectin in the fruit aids in clearing out the accumulated deposits in the arteries as well. Pomelo helps individuals suffering from hypertension as it reduces the cholesterol levels in your body.

With pomelo being beneficial in managing blood pressure and cholesterol levels, it is not surprising that the fruit has a positive impact on one's heart health. The potassium content  in the fruit is solely responsible for improving your heart health by regulating the blood pressure and managing the blood vessels from blockages. Likewise, the pectin in the fruit is also beneficial for improving your heart health as it aids in getting rid of the wastes  and impurities.

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The vitamin C present in pomelo  helps in increasing the acid levels in the urine, thereby restricting the development of Urinary Tract Infections. It reduces the bacterial growth in the urinary tract and is extremely beneficial for pregnant women . It is the vitamin C content that helps in elevating the urine acid levels, which in turn prevents the growth of bacteria.

Pomelo has a rich fibre content, thereby making it a must-add to your diet if you are looking forward to losing weight . The fibre in the fruit assists in weight loss as it limits the constant need to eat. The chewing time, due to the fruit's fibrous nature, is comparatively more and develops a sense of satisfaction to your hunger. It also helps in reducing the fat by burning the sugar and starch content in your body.

Rich in bioflavonoids , the citrus fruit is beneficial in fighting cancer. Directed consumption of pomelo helps in warding off the growth and spreading of intestinal, breast, and pancreatic cancer cells. It also helps in removing the excess oestrogen present in the system. Along with that, the antioxidant property  of the fruit helps in fighting off the cancerous cells.

The vitamin C content in the fruit is beneficial for treating wounds. Because the enzymes in the nutrient help develop collagen which acts as a regeneration element . The protein works by speeding up the healing process and replacing the dead tissues .

The spermidine in pomelo protects the cells from age-related damages. The high content of vitamin C in the fruit possesses antioxidant properties that help in eliminating the free radicals  that cause wrinkles, blemishes and age spots. Regular consumption of pomelo protect your skin from the signs of premature ageing.

Pomelo is beneficial in protecting your body against various disorders and defects. Consuming pomelo can help treat metabolic disorders that are caused due to the uncontrolled consumption of foods with high-fat levels .

Rich with potassium and calcium, pomelos are beneficial for building up your bone strength. It increases the mineral density of your bone, thereby contributing towards boosting your bone health . Regular consumption of the citrus fruit helps in preventing the onset of osteoporosis and other bone-related weaknesses.

Rich in electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, and magnesium, pomelo can help in curing muscle pain caused by cramps. It helps in treating any deficiency of fluids and cure dehydration by supplying your body with a sufficient amount of fluids and electrolytes . The fruit also helps in keeping your body energized.

Rich in vitamin C, pomelo is extremely good for your skin due to its antioxidant property . Consuming pomelo can help you maintain healthy and young skin, as it repairs the skin from any external and internal damages. Pomelo is beneficial in dealing with acne-related issues and treats pimples too. Likewise, the collagen-producing property of the fruit is a boon to your skin .

Pomelo has high levels of zinc, vitamin B1 and other essential nutrients that work wonders in improving the overall health of your hair . However, it is not just limited to your hair but helps strengthen and nourish your scalp, which aids in getting rid of dandruff. Also, vitamin C in the fruit fights the free radicals that cause hair thinning.

Often mistaken for each other, both the fruits belong to the citrus family. Although belonging from the same kingdom, the fruits possess evident differences .

How To Eat A Pomelo

The thick rind of the citrus fruit makes it hard to peel it and properly cut it. Read the following steps to see the right way to consume the health-packed fruit.

Step 1: Use a sharp knife to cut the cap off of the fruit.

Step 2: Make 7-8 vertical slices on the rind of the fruit, from the cap.

Step 3: Pull the rind away from the flesh all the way to the bottom.

Step 4: Pull the fleshy insides of the fruit, one by one and remove the seeds.

Step 5: Remove the excess fibrous material around the flesh and enjoy!





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