Making These Foods A Part Of Your Diet Can Reduce Acidity Naturally!


Do you often feel a burning sensation in your stomach and chest? Do you feel bloated in the tummy area after most of your meals?

If yes, then, chances are you could be suffering from acidity, or heartburn, which is an extremely common ailment that affects a number of people.

Experiencing discomfort in your stomach and feeling a burning sensation throughout the day due to acidity can surely make a person feel sick!

Although, acidity is considered to be a minor ailment by most people, not treating acidity for a long time and experiencing the symptoms on a daily basis could lead to severe consequences.

Untreated acidity can eventually cause conditions like appetite fluctuations, weight fluctuations, stomach pain, digestive diseases, constipation or irritable bowel syndrome, stomach ulcer, piles and even stomach or intestinal cancer.

So, it is very important to identify the cause for your acidity and try to maintain a healthy diet, which does not aggravate the acidity.

However, you must also note that if your acidity is persistent, medical assistance may be required to prevent further health damage.

1. Oatmeal
2. Ginger
3. Aloe Vera
4. Banana
5. Salads
6. Lean Chicken
7. Brown Rice

If you are suffering from acidity or bloating on a regular basis, then having oatmeal for breakfast could be a great option. Oatmeal is not only rich in healthy carbohydrates and antioxidants, which can boost your overall health, but it can also absorb the excess acids being produced in the stomach, thus, reducing acidity naturally. Oatmeal can also be had as a snack, whenever you feel hungry, along with some fruit.

As we may already know, ginger is one of the best natural ingredients used to treat a number of ailments and is used in herbal remedies. So, ginger is also capable of reducing acidity naturally when added to your diet on a regular basis. The enzymes in ginger are capable of reducing the production of gastric acids in the stomach and can also soothe the lining of the stomach, thus, keeping your gut healthy. Ginger tea is also good to reduce acidity.

Aloe vera is the go-to natural ingredient used in a number of herbal skin and haircare remedies and it has known to have amazing effects on the skin and hair. Similarly, aloe vera also has health benefits which can treat and prevent a number of ailments, including acidity. Aloe vera has natural anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce the inflammation caused in the stomach due to acidity, thus, treating this ailment effectively.

"A banana a day keeps the acidity away" is a new saying one must live by when they are suffering from acid reflux or bloating. Banana is an extremely nutritious fruit which is rich in fibre and potassium content and can boost your energy levels immediately. In addition, banana also comes with anti-inflammatory properties which can neutralise the acids in your stomach, thus, treating acidity and reducing bloating.

Incorporating fresh vegetable or fruit salad into your daily diet can also help you find relief from acid reflux and bloating. Most vegetables and fruits are rich in fibre content and come with anti-inflammatory properties which can soothe your stomach and reduce acidity. So, consuming a bowl of salad, without adding any kind of dressing, except for lime juice, can help treat acidity.

Consuming lean chicken parts, such as chicken breasts, tossed into a salad, broth or soup can also help reduce acidity. Studies have shown that lean chicken, when not cooked with a lot of spices and oil, can also reduce the production of acids in the stomach and soothe your intestines to reduce acidity and gastritis. Lean chicken is also a great source of protein!

Many of us may have already heard of the benefits of brown rice for losing weight and building muscles as it is low in fat and high in healthy carbohydrates and protein. What we may not know is the fact that brown rice is also exceptional when it comes to treating acid reflux. The anti-inflammatory properties of brown rice can neutralise the production of excess acids in the stomach and soothe the lining of your intestines, thus, providing relief from acidity and bloating.

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