Is Poha Good For Weight Loss


Poha is a traditional Indian breakfast food and is still favoured in Indian households. But, due to the rising popularity of oatmeal and quinoa which helps in weight loss, poha has taken a backseat. In this article, we will be writing about the benefits of poha for weight loss.

Poha is still considered as one of the healthiest breakfasts, with 76.9 percent of carbohydrates, 23.1 percent of protein. This makes it an ideal breakfast option.

In various parts of India, there are variations of the dish such as dadpe poha, dahi chuda, kanda poha, and others. Poha is also known as 'Flattened Rice' in English. It is made with beaten rice, which is an excellent source of carbohydrates, iron, fibre, and packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and free of gluten.

A bowl of cooked poha has 250 calories, and with the addition of vegetables, it becomes high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. If you are looking to lose weight, do not add peanuts and potatoes in the poha as they increase the number of calories.

To make poha healthier, cook it in olive oil. You can also add shredded coconut and onion to make it tasty.

Poha is a very good source of healthy carbohydrates which is required by the body to provide you energy. It contains 76.9 percent of carbohydrates and about 23 percent of fats. So, having poha for breakfast will give you energy without storing any fat.

Poha is a light breakfast food that eases the digestive system. Having poha will prevent bloating of the stomach and keep you light on the stomach, regardless of whichever part of the day you have it.

Poha is a diabetics best friend because it is rich in fibre. And fibre promotes a slow and steady release of sugar into the bloodstream, which aids in regulating the blood and sugar levels in the body.

Regular consumption of poha will cure anemia. Pregnant women are at a higher risk of gestational anemia and are often advised to eat poha. For better iron absorption in the body, squeeze the juice of a lemon on it and relish it.

One of the health benefits of poha is that it is a good probiotic food. It is because the flattened rice is made by parboiling paddy and then drying it out in the sun. After this the dried product is beaten flat to make poha and undergone fermentation. This retains the microbial flora from the digested carbohydrates and protein, which is healthy for the gut.

People who are sensitive to gluten foods like wheat and barley, can opt for poha because it is very low in gluten. People with celiac diseases should consult their doctor if they can eat poha without causing stomach pain and bloating.

For making poha a complete meal, mixed vegetables can be added. You can even add sprouts, soya nuggets and even boiled eggs to make it a well balanced and high protein meal. Poha can be given to children as well. For an extra health boost, opt for poha made of brown rice.

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