Is It Bad To Shave Or Remove Pubic Hair?


To shave or use a wax down there is a question that most women ask their close friends and family. Some women prefer the former one and some prefer the latter one. So, this article will discuss whether it is bad to shave or remove pubic hair.

Some women feel that shaving down there will protect them from diseases and some women feel they do it for aesthetic reasons. But there are complications as well due to pubic hair removal which are epidermal abrasion (invisible cuts to the skin) and ingrown hairs.

Also, in some women, pubic hair removal is shown to cause skin irritation, infections and increase in the spread and transmission of STIs.

Do you know the pubic hair that you shave off has many different roles to play. These include the following:

The reasons will convince you why it is better to leave things in your intimate area the way it is.

1. Your Skin Suffers
2. Increased Chances Of Contracting Herpes
3. It Increases Bacteria Proliferation
4. Increases The Chances Of More HPV Cases
5. Pay Attention To Skin Diseases
6. Removing Pubic Hair Isn't Fashionable
7. Shaving Is Not Hygienic At All
8. Shaving Your Pubic Hair Is Not An Aphrodisiac

Did you know that getting rid of pubic hair irritates the hair follicles, which leaves small wounds on the skin that is invisible to the naked eye. Constantly shaving and keeping it clean down there also causes painful ingrown hairs, pimples or burns if you are using wax and cuts if you are using blades.

Many studies have shown that shaved women are more prone to contracting genital herpes. When you shave and your genitalia is wounded, the skin is exposed to virus that causes this sexually transmitted disease.

The removal of pubic hair through waxing is one of the dangerous ways because it may cause redness and weakens the pores. When this is combined with the temperature and moisture in your intimate area, it becomes a place for cultivating bacteria and group A streptococcus.

The Human Papiloma Virus spreads very quickly, which the doctors say that this disease gets transmitted without the individual not even knowing about it. It's because this disease has no symptoms or it may be because there is a lack of information. Adults who constantly shave down there not giving a chance to grow their hair even once are increasing their possibility of infection.

Eczema or psoriasis is aggravated by shaving your pubic hair. If you suffer from these skin conditions, it is advisable to see a doctor to know the ways to remove your pubic hair. If you don't go to a doctor, you could aggravate these skin conditions more and experience a lot of discomfort and pain because of it.

Many women like to get rid of their pubic hair thinking that it would be clean down there. But if you are a first timer, and feel uncomfortable or if it hurts too much, you should just quit shaving your hair. Remember that pubic hair will benefit your genitalia!

This is a myth out there that let's women believe that shaving is hygienic. And this makes more and more women to completely shave their pubic hair. If you are shaving it because of bad odour and uncleanliness, then you should know that these factors have got nothing to do with personal hygiene.

A lot of women feel confident that they are going to have better sex, if they shave their pubic hair. But this is a myth as intimate satisfaction has got nothing to do with it.

After reading this, if you still feel that you are more comfortable in removing pubic hair, then here are some tips to cause least amount of consequences.

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