International Yoga Day 2018: What To Eat Before And After Practicing Yoga


Are you in the habit of performing yoga regularly? If yes, you should know the importance of eating certain foods before and after performing yoga. This article is all about that.

The foods you eat prior to your yoga sessions and post that play a major role in determining your health. In yogic principles, you should eat like a yogi if you are following a yoga diet.

So, what does the yoga diet consist of? A diet that proffers your body with energy. In Ayurveda, foods that are considered sattvic are vegetables, ghee, whole grains, legumes, and fruits.

Read on to know what to eat before and after practicing yoga on this International Yoga Day.

If you are the person who practices yoga in the morning, it is better that you consume bananas and other fruits like berries, at least 45 minutes prior to your yoga session. Start your day with foods rich in protein like oatmeal, yogurt, dried fruits, fruit smoothies, eggs, protein shakes, and homemade protein bars to provide your body with energy.

Those of you who practice yoga in the evening, they can have light snacks an hour before doing yoga. These foods can be salads, steamed vegetables, nuts, and seeds to ensure that you are energized and full of vigour throughout the exercise.

Bananas are rich in nutrients and contain plenty of potassium and this makes it an ideal fruit for a pre-workout snack. Bananas are also high in magnesium that prevents bloating and muscle cramps. Have it with your salads.

A lot of yoga practitioners love eating avocado because it is full of nutrients like potassium and magnesium that helps in proper functioning of the muscles and cells in the human body. Besides, avocados are easy to digest which is necessary before doing yoga.

Apples are alkaline in nature and this helps to counter acidity in the stomach. They also contain natural sugars and fibres and the presence of vitamin C gives the body an extra energy boost which is ideal before performing a yoga session.

Yogurt is another food that can be eaten before doing yoga. Either have it plain or mix it with smoothies. Before going for a yoga session have oats with low-fat plain yogurt.

Berries are packed with vitamins and antioxidants and contain fibre. Before starting your yoga session chew berries like strawberry and blueberry one hour before. The fruits will give you energy because they contain natural sugars.

30 minutes after exercising you should drink water because it will replenish all the electrolytes that the body may have lost during yoga.

The loss of electrolytes may cause cramps in the body. After the yoga session, eat a nutritious meal like a bowl of fresh seasonal fruits or vegetable salads, hard-boiled eggs, a sandwich, yogurt with cereals, or nuts and seeds.

After your yoga session, you can consume a bowl full of fresh seasonal vegetable salad. Have vegetables such as dark green leafy vegetables, sprinkle some pepper powder or cilantro, and drizzle some olive oil to add the taste.

If you are practicing yoga at daytime, having hard boiled eggs paired with whole grain bread can be an excellent snack after the yoga session. Eggs contain protein and less amounts of cholesterol and whole-grain bread contains complex carbs that will give you energy.

Nothing can beat a home-made vegetable soup after an intense yoga session! After burning a lot of calories during yoga, it is necessary that you give your body plenty of nutrients. Make vegetable soup by adding black pepper to enhance its taste. You can have these soups to detoxify your body!

A glass of freshly made juice can do wonders after performing yoga. Try a variety of fruit juices every day and make it at home. Do not add sugar as fruits have already sugar in it.

Avoid having meals that are rich in oil, spices, and fried items before or after a yoga session. Because these fatty foods might slow down your digestion. Ensure that your body is well hydrated too.

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