5 Steps To Prevent UTI In Men


Having a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) implies that the harmful bacteria have already entered your urinary tract, and have started spreading through the urethra, bladder and, sometimes, even the kidneys. Well, women might be the ones more commonly suffering from UTIs, but it's just as common in men, too!

It's undoubtedly a painful experience and can lead to serious health issues, if not treated in time. Men with UTIs generally feel the urge to urinate more frequently than normal. Sometimes they even experience mild to severe pain while urinating. If you feel you're being prey to UTIs, you must see a urologist at the earliest to get it diagnosed and treated.

However, whether you've had UTIs previously or not, you can still regulate your lifestyle to an extent, in order to prevent even the chances of UTI. Looking for some guidance on how to prevent getting UTIs in the future? Here are five rules, compiled by our health experts, that you need to follow to keep UTI at bay. Read on to understand why these rules are so crucial to follow.

Abide by these five helpful tips to keep urinary tract infections at bay. For questions and suggestions, feel free to reach us via comments.

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