Here's Why Oats Are The Best Breakfast For You


Life seems to be so busy nowadays. Waking up at 6 in the morning and sleeping at 2 in the night. So much fuss to deal with. Is there any time left with the new technological man to sit and think about the amount of calorie intake which is making him so chubby or in a more sophisticated language a 'FATSO' human?

Well, to solve this so common problem of this rapidly developing era we came across a very easy and a tasty way to cut down all the fats stored in the human body without wasting much of our precious time.

There is one single answer to all the multiple problems related to weight gain and, i.e., oats. The youth looks to be more inclined towards the junk foods in recent times. Breakfast is all about the 2-minute noodles, where will people invest the time saved by cooking these?

Oats no doubt serve the best interest in helping and reducing our overweighed thighs and awkwardly hanging tummies. Full of nutrients, they act as an agent to protect our body from all the calories of the yummy, cheesy, and mouth-watering food which keeps on promoting us on the weighing machines.

Extra weight is accompanied by a hell number of diseases, namely blood pressure, sugar, digestion problem, and many more. The most common diseases found in children nowadays is due to obesity.

Oats are known to be the easiest source recommended to reduce weight. Oats have a high amount of nutrient value; it is said to be the most suitable and the healthiest food for meeting the basic nutrition requirement of the human body.

According to some recent studies, if oats are included in our diet plan in a way that we consume oats at least five days in a week, then it can prove to be very fruitful in burning fats. Oats increase the fat-burning capacity of a human body. Oats increase the working ability of the muscle mass loss. Here is why you should have oats for breakfast every day.

1. Oats have low starchy carbs that regulate excess water content. Oats not only help us in reducing the circumference of our waist but also help in protecting our body from the problems caused by increased weight. Oats help us in decreasing the risk of metabolic syndrome.

2. Studies tell us that a single cup of oats contains 4-5 grams of fibre. These fibres act against tissues which store fats. The collected fat makes our body to take an uneven shape. Oats help in affecting the functioning of tissues which store fats.

3. Talking about the nutrition content, oats are rich in proteins and carbohydrates. Two unique nutrients found in oats are (1) beta- glucans and (2) steroidal saponins. Beta-glucans is a kind of carbohydrate.

If we talk about carbohydrates in particular, then we can say that though, being important for the human body, excess intake of carbohydrates increases weight. If carbohydrates are transferred in the human body through oats then they seem to be very helpful.

4. Oats digest food in a different way. Oats digest food in a comparatively slow manner and hence they don't have much impact on the blood pressure. Cholesterol, which is commonly found in people, can be reduced by proper intake of oats.

Though all the problems, be it blood pressure, sugar, and cholesterol, all are caused by weight gain, to keep your body fats in control, the best and the most suitable way is to start your day with a whole grain breakfast and undoubtedly there is no substitute for oats as the healthiest breakfast.

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