Here's How Horse Gram Helps You Lose Weight


Even when we all know about most of the legumes, horse gram is often forgotten. Its botanical name is Macrotyloma uniflorum, and it got its common name horse gram because of its use as a staple food for horses and cattle.

In India, it is often referred to as Kulthi that is derived from Ayurveda. This pulse crop is found in Asia, Africa, and Australia because it is mostly grown in dry agricultural land. It tastes pungent and is easy to digest. Though horse gram might not be popular like other lentils, but along with having all the nutritional values, it can even help in losing weight.

It is important to watch the calorie consumption while trying to lose weight. Since horse gram is low in calorie content, it serves as a good option so that you can burn more calories while consuming less. Even if you do not have a rigorous workout routine, then also horse gram serves the purpose.

Kulthi also helps in decreasing the levels of bad cholesterol which in turn helps in keeping the weight in check. Though it is low in calories, it has enough carbohydrate which means it will help you in losing weight without losing your energy.

Horse gram is very light and easy on the digestive system. This helps in losing weight as it does not get stored under the skin in the form of fat and also helps in burning the existing fat. It also removes the flatulence that helps in reducing indigestion and provides relief from constipation.

This underutilized lentil is full of nutrients such as calcium, protein, iron, and phosphorous. The iron content in horse gram also helps in building the hemoglobin. It also contains the anti-oxidants polyphones and flavonoids that are known to keep the body healthy and young.

So you not only lose weight but look young too. The astringent and diuretic properties of horse gram help in controlling cholesterol level that aid in weight loss. Maintaining weight is equally important as losing it. The phenol content of horse gram enables it to attack the fatty tissues in the body.

Horse gram is a high-powered gram that helps in keeping the body energetic and full. This prevents you from overeating. Apart from making you full, the presence of protein and fibre helps in maintaining the energy that you might require while losing weight.

When you burn the calories through exercise and cut down on your fat intake, horse gram helps in compensating that loss of energy while burning those extra calories.

Horse gram does not have side effects on the body except for the fact that it is hot in potency, so the consumption amount of horse gram in a day needs to be watched. The hot potency of horse gram helps in keeping the body warm in cold climates and in winter season. So, do not forget to enjoy its soup in winter!

Horse gram has some more health benefits along with helping in weight loss. If consumed raw, the horse gram seeds also help in reducing the blood sugar level. Therefore, those who want to lose their weight because of diabetes, it gives them the double benefits.

Another good effect of horse gram on the digestive system is that it helps in removing the intestinal parasites. It is also given to those who are suffering from kidney stones. Horse gram also has its positive effect on the reproductive system and helps men with low sperm count and females suffering from scanty or irregular menstruation.

Since it is majorly cultivated in Asia, Africa, and Australia, it may not be a habitual diet for Europeans. This might make it a little difficult to be consumed. Therefore, it is majorly sprouted in the European region to enjoy its taste and benefits.

Its soup is one of the most celebrated recipes of horse gram. The soup is prepared with horse gram being the main ingredient along with cumin seeds, mustard leaves, curry leaves, coriander leaves, peppercorn, and tamarind. Consuming horse gram seed and its soup also help in getting rid of various stomach ailments.

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