Here Is Karishma Kapoor's Anti-ageing Diet Plan


The actress who ruled the silver screen during the 90's, was versatile with her dance moves, and was often paired with either Govinda or Salman Khan. Yes, you guessed it right! It's Karishma Kapoor. The sultry actresses' peaches and cream complexion is the result of the foods that she includes in her diet. Here we will be discussing Karishma Kapoor's weight loss diet plan.

Her diet mostly includes six to seven small balanced meals in a day which helps her prevent ageing. Her fitness and beauty secrets are what will be revealed by us here.

So what's her diet secret? Karishma manages to look, fit and fabulous at the age of 44 by incorporating a healthy breakfast.

Eggs and bread is the best combination and the go-to breakfast food that most people swear by. Because bread toast and eggs is a healthy breakfast option and it's easier to make. Just replace your white bread with whole-grain bread to get most of the nutrients and it's healthier than white bread.

The actress loves eating a bowl of berries of all varieties. Blueberries, strawberries, , cherries, and blackberries are known for being rich in antioxidants that are good for the skin and hair.

Also, they are a powerhouse of phytochemicals that protect the cells of the body from damage; the flavonoids in them can prevent mental decline as well. Berries also promote heart health and their rich fibre content will keep your tummy full keeping hunger pangs at bay.

Karishma also kickstarts her mornings with a healthy serving of grapefruits because this orange-coloured fruit prevents your skin from ageing. It contains large amounts of lycopene, an antioxidant that stops cell ageing triggered by harmful free radicals. Grapefruit also contains an ample amount of immune-boosting vitamin C that will help strengthen your immune system.

Karishma Kapoor tries to eat big chunks of watermelon during breakfast. The high water content present in the fruit keeps the skin hydrated and nourished.

This juicy fruit is a rich source of fibre that aids in maintaining a good digestive system. Including watermelons in your breakfast will also help you in losing weight and naturally detoxify the body too.

Karishma Kapoor had once shared a bowl of porridge topped with almonds and other fruits on Instagram. This combination works perfectly as it prevents your skin and hair from ageing.

The presence of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and fibre in almonds can reduce the effects of inflammation in the body, according to the American Journal of Nutrition.

Karishma's weight loss diet plan also includes adding chia seeds to puréed apple and almond milk to increase the benefits. Chia seeds can also be added to your morning smoothie to flush out the toxins from the body. The seeds are abundant in omega 3 fatty acids that can soothe upset skin and delay the onset of wrinkles.

Karisma's Instagram post reveals that she surely loves sipping a cup of joe. The secret to a svelte body is a good metabolism and to speed up your metabolism, drinking coffee is the best thing. The caffeine present in the beverage escalates the rate at which your body burns calories. Just avoid adding sugar in your coffee.

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