6 Simple Yet Effective Tips To Control Your Hunger


Do you feel hungry very often? There can be various reasons behind it ranging from being stressed, not drinking water properly to the lack of sleep or other health issues. But if you really want to stay healthy, you should have a healthy BMI, and the best way to maintain it is by controlling your hunger.

Eating in excess can lead to various health issues in the long run like excess weight gain, diabetes, metabolic disorders, hypertension, etc.

Your hunger is basically controlled by 3 hormones - insulin, ghrelin and leptin. These hormones play different roles when it comes to eating and digestion. The main role played by insulin in the body is to control the glucose levels in the blood. When you don't eat food for more than 3 to 4 hours, the level of insulin drops as there is no glucose to carry to the cells of our body. When this happens the hormone called ghrelin gets secreted in the body to induce hunger. As soon as we consume food, the level of sugar in our body triggers the hunger-curbing hormone leptin. The hormone leptin plays a role in halting our hunger and controlling our body mass, but if you overeat, it leads to leptin resistance and you continue to overeat.

There are 2 kinds of hunger - physical and mental. When you feel hungry due to lack of blood sugar it is called physical hunger, but when you still feel hungry despite eating properly due to emotional factors, it is called mental hunger. The latter makes you overeat and triggers issues like obesity and diseases related to it.

You need to be strict and disciplined to make sure you don't overeat as doing so will just make you gain weight and suffer from numerous diseases like diabetes, obesity, make yourself more prone to heart ailments, etc.

Here are the basic things you need to do when you have been binge eating in order to control your eating urges. Follow these things to control your habit of excessive eating and maintain your overall health.

When it comes to achieving fitness goals, one has no options but to stay strict, focused and disciplined towards it. You need to decide about the weight you are looking forward to shed and you also need to set a deadline towards. This will help you in staying motivated and sincere towards your dreams.

It's crucial to be full with healthy foods and drinks to avoid overeating or feeling hungry. A cup of green tea or black coffee helps in curbing hunger, if you want you can opt for decaffeinated coffee to keep it healthier.

Proteins are great for keeping you satiated, hence you should include it in your diet. Doing so would also help in keeping you full for longer. Proteins take time to get digested, it aids in building lean muscles and also increases your metabolic rate. Legumes, beans, tofu, chicken breast, and nuts are some protein-rich foods you could include in your diet.

Make sure you have the most important meal of the day - breakfast - because it will keep you full and energised while keeping hunger away. This will automatically curb your urge to eat more. It's the first meal of the day and it should be consumed in abundance. Having breakfast is also crucial because it provides you with the energy to start your day.

Eating roughage or dietary fibre slows down the process of digestion in your body. It helps in boosting digestion while preventing the absorption of fats in our body and leaves us satiated. It also aids in boosting digestion and is good for the gut bacteria. Do include whole grains, fruits and veggies along with their peels and feel fuller while nourishing your health.

You should drink water in abundance especially between the meals if you start feeling hungry again. Doing so will automatically make you feel full and it won't even make you gain any calories. Also drinking water is important for you as it keeps you hydrated. It helps in digestion, improves your bowel movement, curbs constipation and is also good for your skin.

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