Health Benefits Of Ginger and Honey With Warm Water


Weight is a touchy topic in almost everybody's life. One might blow it off as something they don't care about, but in the darkness of their mind, most of us sit with the fact that we aren't where we want to be with our bodies. Generally, the thoughts that cloud our minds are that we're overweight or obese and need to lose some weight.

Although a lot of the readers are probably of healthy weight and need to start celebrating themselves, we will be diving into whether drinking a concoction of hot water and honey and eating ginger on a regular basis help reduce weight. Even if you are not looking particularly for losing weight, having a few healthy drinks and edible items in a day will only help you maintain your fitness. Therefore, this article is beneficial for all who wish to be healthy.

Starting off with honey and hot water. So, how can a concoction of these two help you reduce weight? One of the most basic, yet valid, arguments against honey is that it includes sugar, which we know does no good when it comes to weight loss. See, here's the difference.

Honey contains sugar along with minerals, vitamins, proteins, water, energy and fibre. While white sugar contains only calories. Consumption of sugar leads to rapid usage of essential vitamins and minerals in the body that are required to digest sugar.

When these nutrients get wasted in digesting sugar, people tend to gain weight because these nutrients are important for dissolving fats and cholesterol. Honey, however, is full of minerals and vitamins and therefore, helps neutralise this effect and therefore, honey helps in reduction of cholesterol levels and aids weight loss.

Warm water is especially useful for losing weight because it tends to increase the temperature of our body, which, in turn, increases our metabolic rate, therefore, allowing our body to burn more number of calories in a day.

When honey is mixed with warm water, it is rather beneficial in the process of weight loss because it increases our metabolism and mobilises the fat in our body. When the fat is mobilised, it is used by the body in different activities which burns the fat in our body and leads to weight loss.

The concoction also helps in flushing out the toxins from one's liver. Honey is said to be able to detox the liver by cleansing it, and the amino acids help further in maintaining its health. Therefore, once the toxins are flushed out because of honey and water, our metabolism is boosted further and therefore, helps in weight loss.

Honey and warm water also help in the proper breakdown of foods in our body and the concoction tends to work better when consumed in the morning. Moreover, it gives us a boost of energy and reduces the risk of heart diseases and liver or kidney failure too.

It is also important to drink this mixture at the right time. As mentioned above, drinking it in the morning increases our metabolism and makes us feel rather energetic. However, consuming it before any meal is also great because it leaves us feeling rather full due to which we tend to eat smaller portions of food leading to weight loss.

Although honey and warm water are great, adding lemon juice to the mixture takes us a step further towards the betterment of our health. Green tea, honey and cinnamon with water are also great alternatives and additives which only bring us great health and weight loss.

Now we know all about how honey and warm water are just great for reducing weight, but what about ginger? Is that as helpful as people tend to say? To answer the question in one word - YES! Now, let's find out how. Ginger is said to be one of the most effective home remedies, especially when it comes to weight loss and taking care of our body and mind.

Ginger helps regulate cholesterol, is an anti-inflammatory and is good for digestion. Through various studies on rats and humans, it has been concluded that ginger is rather good at reducing the number of bad cholesterols in one's body by lowering the serum and haptic cholesterol in one's body.

This helps reducing weight and is important for a healthy heart as high cholesterol increases the number of risks of heart failure or heart problems. On top of that, a lot of people suffer from high cholesterol levels nowadays and therefore, ginger is a brilliant solution.

As an anti-inflammatory, it not only helps reduce joint inflammations and is a must for people who have arthritis, but it also expands the blood vessels in our body and prevents inflammation of blood vessels, which leads to an increase in the blood flow within the body. However, this also helps in weight loss as the expanded blood vessels generate body heat which in turn helps burn body fat.

One of the most important benefits that aids weight loss in the best possible way is that ginger keeps us full. It keeps us satiated as ginger is a natural appetite suppressant, which is the best way to lose weight because you do not crave for junk food and neither do you overeat. The best qualities about ginger are that it is a calorie-free food item and therefore, does not lead to any kind of weight gain and it is thermogenic in nature.

Being thermogenic, it increases the body temperature and helps boost metabolism which makes us burn more fat than we would otherwise. As mentioned above, ginger is also good for digestion as it regulates the movement of food through one's body smoothly. When all the toxins and waste are removed from the body in a smooth manner, one tends to lose weight more easily, organically and naturally.

Moreover, ginger boosts our immune system and helps cure a cold, a cough, nausea, the flu and provides instant relief by killing the bacteria causing these diseases. It prevents symptoms of motion and seasickness and reduces muscle pain and regulates blood pressure.

Drinking warm water with honey and consuming ginger definitely aid weight loss and have many more benefits. They are a must-have in everyone's diet.

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