Gym With AC or Non AC: Which Is Better For Workout?


What are the things that you look into while getting a gym membership? A good trainer, latest equipment and a clean and hygienic environment. For most of us who are accustomed to a temperature-controlled environment, we also look for a gym which has a good air conditioning system for our comfort. But does this negate the very purpose of going to a gym?

In today's fitness and health conscious millennials, a gym membership is seen as a way of getting a fit and toned body. It is also a place to network and socialise. And because we spend quite a lot of our time in a gym, we obviously look for a place that is comfortable. Therefore, an air conditioned place is a must. But does it interfere with our workout?

Nowadays, most of the public places like cafes, restaurants, shopping complexes and even public transport are air conditioned. While it may be harmless in other places, many health conscious and fitness enthusiasts are questioning about the requirement of an AC in a gym.

Do you have the same question in mind? Then, we advise you to continue reading this article.

Has an AC become a pre-requisite everywhere we go? Why do we need it altogether? Let's find out why do we need an air-controlled environment?

It is important to maintain the quality of air in closed places and therefore air conditioning provides a breath of fresh air by circulating cool air around the place. A human body emits heat continuously, which may make a closed space quite uncomfortable after some time.

While an AC may not be required at all the places it is currently being used, it is an essential in places where there is little or no natural ventilation.

This topic may be a matter of debate among individuals based on their preference. But it is important to understand the infrastructure of the place where the gym is situated in order to access the necessity of the air conditioning.

However, most of the gyms nowadays are air conditioned for a variety of reasons. It may be to keep the atmosphere cool and comfortable for the gymers, or expel sweat and germs. But does it leave you wondering if it is interfering with your workout?

Researchers have stated that we tend to exercise more when we are in a comfortable environment. But it may take a lot of time for our body to warm up in a controlled environment, which may tire us out eventually. So what is the ideal atmosphere for a workout?

To help you understand that, here are some advantages of AC vs non-AC gyms:

1. A comfortable temperature makes you spend more time at the gym, taking you closer to your goals.
2. It helps your body cool down faster after a workout.
3. People experience less muscle cramps when they are working out in a temperature-controlled environment.

1. The sweat produced during a workout is our skin's way of removing the toxins from our body.
2. It is easier to do cardio exercises in a non-AC gym.
3. It will keep away soreness of muscles as you do not require to constantly warm up your muscles, even after a break.

Generally, having an AC or not does not in any way affect the quality of your workout. Unless, you are looking for a much chiselled body, the temperature of your surroundings won't hamper your workout much.

Some people directly connect sweating more with burning more calories. It is important to remember that sweating more does not have anything to do with the calories that you burn. Sweating is just your skin's way of expelling toxins from your body.

If you are still wondering what is better for you, it is preferable to make a choice based on other aspects.

For example, if you are the one who sweats a lot genetically, then it may be wise to invest in a gym with an AC as excess sweat can clog your pores and give rise to other skin problems. Also, if you live in a relatively cooler city, it is better to opt for a non AC gym to save some bucks. If you are very finicky about the hygiene of your surroundings, an AC gym may make you feel comfortable.

The bottom line is, working out in an AC gym may not reward you with a fit body faster than when you are working out in a non-AC gym. Putting in efforts to get fit and actually turning up at the gym every day is what will make a difference.

Everyone wants a fab body. Want to know the best way of achieving it? Simply listen to your body and follow these rules.

1. Set your goals clearly and communicate it with your trainer
2. Take special care of your gym wear
3. Showering is important
4. Warm-up is essential
5. Taking care of your diet

Whether it is gaining or losing weight, it is important to tell your goals to your trainer so that they can customise your exercise routine accordingly.

Your gym clothes should be washed and cleaned every day in order to avoid contamination and build up of sweat.

Sweating during gyming is inevitable. Therefore, a quick after shower will help clean your skin, which may otherwise get clogged with sweat and dirt.

Getting right onto your exercise routine before warming up will cause huge stress to your muscles. This will result in massive soreness of your muscles which may take quite a while to go away.

Just because you are going to the gym, it doesn't mean you can indulge in the red velvet cake you have been eyeing for quite some time. Exercise and diet go hand and hand. Although it is ok to indulge once in a while, make sure to burn it out the next time you visit the gym.

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