Got A Dry Throat? It Can Be Due To These 8 Reasons


A dry throat can be irritating and sometimes painful. Usually, a dry throat is not a symptom of anything serious or major. A dry throat is mostly a symptom of something very minor.

However, it shouldn't be taken lightly and you must take some precautionary measures if you are suffering from a dry throat. There are various different reasons why you could be suffering from a dry throat.

Some of these reasons are listed below for your knowledge so that you can take care of these things next time and avoid getting a sore or a dry throat.

1. Sleeping With Mouth Open
2. Flu
3. Mononucleosis
4. Allergies Or Hay Fever
5. Dehydration
6. Cold
7. Strep Throat
8. Tonsillitis

This is one of the most neglected but the most common reason for having a dry throat. We often sleep with our mouth open without realising the repercussions it can have and this neglect can cause you to have a dry throat.

If you sleep with your mouth open and wake up to find that you have a dry throat, it is because during the course of the night, the air outside dries up the saliva in your mouth and you wake up with a dry throat as a result of this.

Flu can also be a reason why you have a dry throat. Flu is a respiratory illness. If you catch flu, you might get a dry or a sore throat.
However, a dry throat is not the only symptom of flu. Flu does have many more serious symptoms too. But a dry throat can surely be one of the symptoms of the flu virus.

Not many people are aware of this disease called mononucleosis which can be a reason why you have a dry throat. Mononucleosis is also commonly referred to as mono.
Mono is a disease that's caused by a virus. This disease is passed on from one person to another through the saliva. A dry throat is one of the most common symptoms of this disease, mononucleosis.

Sometimes, the most natural things around us can cause us to have some kind of allergy that we often fail to disagree. Seasonal allergies or hay fever can also be a reason why you have a dry and scratchy throat.

This is caused by an overreaction by your immune system to normally harmless substances in your surroundings such as grass or pollen or things alike. This allergy can give you a sore throat.

Dehydration is without a doubt one of the most common reasons for having a dry and a sore throat. You might be having a dry throat simply because .

You might have not had enough to drink. When your body is dehydrated, it doesn't create the normal amount of saliva like it does regularly. So, this might have led to you getting a dry throat.

A cold is the most common infection that is caused and has affected many people. The reason behind your dry throat can simply be a common cold that you might have caught. It can give you an itchy and irritating dry throat.

There's a throat infection which is known as a strep throat. This strep throat infection is usually caused by bacteria. Usually, a strep throat infection causes you to have an extremely sore throat. But sometimes, in some cases, it can cause you to have a dry throat too.

Tonsillitis is commonly referred to as tonsils by people. This infection is caused by the two soft growths at the back of your throat which is ideally responsible to fight infections in your body. Tonsillitis can be caused by either of the two, bacteria or virus. Tonsillitis can be a reason for you having a dry throat.

So, the next time you have a dry throat, consider the reasons why you could've had a dry throat and then according to that, take proper medication or precautionary measures to deal with a dry throat.

Even though dry throat is not that big a deal, it should not be neglected too and precautions must be taken before it transforms into anything that is overly serious or major for your body to deal with.

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