What Is Geopathic Stress? Its Causes, Signs And Remedies


All of us are familiar with positive and negative energies and have, in more than one instance, changed our routines and habits as they engender negative vibes. Geopathic stress is one such factor -which is basically a label or term given to the impact earth energies have on human well-being. It is the different types of energy emanating from the earth, which then get affected (distorted) by natural and man-made sources resulting in a weakened immune system, discomfort, and health problems; to not only humans but also animals and plants   .

Geopathic stress is formed when the electromagnetic field of the earth becomes weak due to the disturbances caused by mineral concentrations, subterranean running water, fault lines and underground cavities . The distorted vibrations are harmful to live organisms and are regarded as being one of the major causes of cancer, birth defects and other long-term illnesses.

Any living being living, working or sleeping above the distorted magnetic fields can get adversely affect them as the bodily energy fields may not be compatible with the earth's natural rays (which has become distorted). People are mostly affected in their homes, offices etc. often referred to as sick building syndrome .

Centrally, the factor responsible for the stress is narrow paths of water located 200-500 feet below the ground and also the water bodies on the top of mountains .

The major reasons for geopathic stress are as follows :

The stress can cause the human body to vibrate on higher frequencies than the normal, weakening the immune system, disrupting sleep, and makes the area affected by the geopathic stress increasingly prone to parasites, viruses, bacteria, diseases, environmental toxins and a plethora of various diseases .

Following are the signs indicating the presence of geopathic stress. However, not every individual will be subjected to all of these .

In some people, the symptoms will not be severe however in others it can become critical and result in death .

In animals, geopathic stress can cause growth deformity and restlessness. It also affects plant health. Some of the ways through which we can understand through the following signs :

The signs and symptoms of geopathic stress are not only visible on living beings, but can also be found on buildings. The signs are as follows :

The distortion in the electromagnetic signals can pose certain risks on your health .

In order to save yourself from the problems caused by the distortion, follow the below-mentioned methods   .

The first and foremost thing to do to get rid of the stress is by neutralising the space of geopathic stress which will then result in the conditions resolving itself; along with your body healing itself .

Protect yourself from the disturbances by adopting the following measures.

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