From Triggering Weight Loss To Balancing BP, Here Are Amazing Benefits Of Lychee


A lot of things about summer are extremely exciting. Whether it is vacationing in a cold place or near the beaches, absorbing the beauty around us or eating the wide variety of food that is available, from cucumbers, curd, mint, watermelon, and the fruit we will be discussing in great detail for benefits that go beyond just hydration, that is, Lychee.

Lychees/Litchi apart from being downright sweet and delicious are a great source of antioxidants and vitamin C and show powerful antiviral activity. One of the known, however, not widely discussed benefits of lychees is that they help regulate our blood pressure, are beneficial in the process of digestion, and therefore also help in weight loss.

It also helps maintain our immunity and even strengthens it as well, improves blood circulation and is a powerful source that aids in the prevention of cancer to a certain extent.

So obviously, Lychees are a must food that we should consume whenever we get the chance to, in this season. Here is exactly how lychees are a great source of maintaining our health.

As mentioned above, lychees have antiviral properties. Lychees have proanthocyanidins and Litchitannin A2 compounds. These words probably make no sense, I know, but all one needs to know about these compounds is that they are well known to demonstrate anti-viral capabilities and limit or restrict the outbreak of viruses including herpes and coxsackievirus, among others, therefore, making lychees one of the best food items to control, restrict, or prevent any bacterial or viral outbreak.

Lychee, like many other fruits and vegetables, contains a good amount of dietary fibre. This dietary fibre helps in smooth bowel movement as it adds bulk to our digestive system and betters our digestive health.

Lychees also help in the stimulation of the peristaltic motion of the small intestine muscles, increasing the speed of food passing. They also stimulate the gastric and digestive juices, helping in the absorption of nutrients.

Lychees are high in potassium and low in sodium. These varying levels of sodium and potassium content help the body to maintain fluid balance, which is an integral part of maintaining not only metabolic functions but also preventing hypertension.

Vitamin C is a major antioxidant compound and is known to stimulate the activity of the white blood cells. Lychees, as suspected, have a vast storage of vitamin C content as well as more than 100% of the required requirement of ascorbic acid.

This helps in strengthening one's immunity. Moreover, lychees also contain B-vitamins like thiamine, folates, riboflavin, and beta-carotene, which help in the absorption of nutrients and making our immune system stronger.

There are two most important nutrients that should be present in a food item to make it something that helps in weight reduction. These two nutrients are dietary fibre and roughage. Moreover, it is a major bonus if the item being consumed is low in calories. Lychee contains all of these three qualities and to top that it also retains a lot of water in itself. Dietary fibre and roughage are extremely important during weight loss because they help in getting rid of all the toxins from the body.

Also, the fact that the calorie content is so low is beneficial because it literally means that the fat content in the fruit - lychee, is negligible or extremely low. Also, taking in lesser calories means there is a reduction in the overall intake of energy and therefore it helps in losing weight.

Iron and copper are important compounds for blood circulation as they stimulate the circulation of blood throughout the body and lychees contain an abundance of both of them. If there is a deficiency of iron or copper in the body, it can lead to lowering of the haemoglobin levels as well as suffering from severe fatigue.

Low haemoglobin levels can also lead to lower oxygen levels in the body and the body needs correct levels of oxygen. Oxygen is important because it ensures that all parts of the body are receiving proper amounts of nutrients. Therefore lychees, with the vast amount of nutrients that they contain help balance the blood flow throughout the body.

Forget about all of the anti-ageing creams you bought or even thought of buying because they won't work better than consuming lychees. Lychees are rich in vitamin C which have antioxidant properties that help in slowing down the process of ageing while maintaining our health.

Vitamin C is helpful in anti-ageing because it improves elasticity and contains collagen which maintains radiant, young, and supple skin. Moreover, vitamin C is an important part of all anti-ageing routines.

Although curable, cancer is one of those diseases that has ended most human lives. Eating lychees, however, helps in the prevention of this horrendous disease. Free radicals damage one's DNA on a cellular level causing cancerous cells to grow rapidly.

Lychees contain polyphenols and proanthocyanidins, as mentioned before which fight off and have a powerful impact on the cancerous cells. Lychees contain antioxidants and vitamins which protect the body from oxidative stress and avoid cancerous growth.

For all the reasons listed above and many others is why we call Lychee a master benefactor. However, lychees also have their downside. If you are suffering from diabetes (lychees have a high sugar content), or any other disease where food consultation is required, then inquire from your doctor and then consume lychee.

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