Father's Day 2018: 6 Tips To Aid Longevity In Men


Father's Day is the day we celebrate our first hero. It is the day we want them to know that we love them and that we want them around for as long as we can keep them. We see a lot of them suffering because of negligence of health and other basic necessities.

Here are a few things we want all the men in our life to keep in mind.

1. Eat Healthy
2. Sleep Enough
3. Exercise
4. Regular Health Check-Ups
5. No Stress
6. No Smoking

1. Eat Healthy:

That's an advice for anyone. Not our definition of healthy, but eating what's actually healthy. It's essential to figure out what is right for your body. Fruits and vegetables should be a part of your diet every day. Don't get carried away by the new diets you see are the fad. They are expensive to be on and let's be honest, they might not work for you.

Be mindful. Whole foods are the ones that will give you all the nutrition you need. Look for food recipes that will provide you with your everyday dietary need. Enough of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fats, and lots of fibre! Everybody is different, find what your needs are.

2. Sleep Enough:

There's a reason it's called "beauty sleep". Sleep is an indicator of good health and mental well-being. The amount of sleep required by a person depends on their age. Infants require about 20-22 hours of sleep. An elderly person needs about 6-7 hours. We need to see what amount is ideal for our body to rest and recover to take on the next day's activities.

It might seem like not sleeping enough does nothing to the body, but a lot of diseases and aliments are connected to not giving the body enough rest. On top of that to worsen it, we drink mugs of coffee to feel awake. Make a set schedule to sleep and stick to it not matter what; your body will thank you.

3. Exercise:

We've all heard it. Exercise does wonders for the body. And that's actually true. It improves your fitness and it keeps you far away even from the word disease. Physical activities have long-term benefits if done regularly. You don't need to sweat yourself out at the gym; even a simple walk every morning and evening is enough to keep your muscles active.

Exercising regularly improves your energy levels, it improves your muscle strength, it helps you maintain a healthy weight, it keeps the hearth healthy, and it increases blood flow to the brain, making it more active and responsive. If you exercise in the morning, your day could look brighter than normal, and this is because exercise releases endorphins that are the happy hormones.

4. Regular Health Check-ups:

A basic quarterly check-up is mandatory. You need to be aware of your blood pressure, blood sugar levels, cholesterol, health of the heart, deficiencies, etc. You don't have to go for full-body check-ups every three months, this can be a yearly event. Regular health check-ups help us detect any health issues that could be prevented before they become fatal.

Early detection gives a person the best chance to receive the right treatment at the right time. This also benefits the people by reducing costs of any last-minute expensive treatments. You can be in connect with your doctor and know what's going on in your body. Encourage yourself and set an example for your family to make health a priority.

5. No Stress:

Stress isn't necessarily bad. A little stress helps us perform under pressure and makes us stronger. But too much of it goes the other way. It can be fatal. Stress is usually caused by an environment of constant demand or threat. When in such situations, the body's defenses kick in and the body gets flooded with stress hormones. These hormones urge you to perform.

This mechanism is good for some situations. But if the body is constantly in this state, you can be a victim of insomnia, headaches, reduced/increased appetite, nervousness, mental disorders, loss of sexual desires, cardiovascular diseases, sexual dysfunction, skin and hair problems, well, the list is never ending.

Practice yoga and meditation to reverse such conditions. Engage in physical activities that will help you relieve all the stress. Get moving, meet more people, learn to understand the difference between your personal and professional life. Take a specific time off every day and every weekend to just relax and do things that make you happy.

6. No Smoking:

There's no way around; it is bad for your health. It is assumed that smoking affects only the lung, but smoking affects almost all the organs of the body. This is because the smoke is inhaled directly into the bloodstream. More than 80% of death due to lung cancer are results of smoking.

Other diseases include vascular stenosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and cardiovascular diseases. In the long run, smoking could also lead to erectile dysfunction. There's no single benefit of smoking; so next time you light a cigarette, think about it.

We've each experienced how difficult it is to take our fathers and other men to the doctor when they are unwell. But we want them to know that all we want is for them to be healthy and happy, no matter what.

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