Can Erectile Dysfunction Be Treated Without Drugs?


Now understand that if this happens to you once in a while it is not a cause for concern. Medical science has confirmed that stress is the major cause of this. However, if the frequency of erectile dysfunction is too high, this may signal a number of serious health conditions.

Many of these conditions may actually lead to infertility. Read on to know more about the types of erectile dysfunction, how you can identify the same and the measures that must be taken on your part to deal with the same.

1. Primary impotence

2. Secondary impotence

3. Partial impotence

4. Situational impotence

5. Total impotence

It is important to realize that there are different types of erectile dysfunction. It is only when you correctly diagnose the type of erectile dysfunction that you are suffering from will you be able to tell the same to your doctor and he will be able to prescribe appropriate ways to tackle the same.

This is usually caused by a trapped nerve and may be said as a physical abnormality in the penis. In this condition, a man has never had a sexual erection in his life at all. However, the man will experience morning erections.

2. Secondary impotence

This is when a person was able to have erections in the past but is no longer able to. In some cases, it may also be such that the man is able to have proper erections at the moment as well, but there was a point in the past he was unable to do so.

This is a condition where the penis becomes erect for a while but does not remain so long enough to sustain a sexual intercourse.

This is a situation where some men are able to achieve full erections only in certain situations but not in others. It may be such that the person concerned is able to have proper erections during masturbation but not during actual sexual activity.

5. Total impotence

This is the condition when there is absolute absence of erections in the male. This includes early morning erections as well.

Symptoms Of Erectile Dysfunction:

It is obvious from its nature, erectile dysfunction is a very intimate sexual issue and is usually self-diagnosable. In some cases, a person may notice that his penis is slightly curved. This condition (known as Peyronie’s disease) is one of the first symptoms of erectile dysfunction. However, everyone suffering from erectile dysfunction need not have this particular attribute. Some people, particularly those suffering from diabetes, note a narrowing of the penile artery. This is another symptom of erectile dysfunction. However, a decreased sex drive that stretches for a prolonged period of time is one of the most common symptoms of this condition.

Ways To Treat This Condition:

Erectile dysfunction may be caused due to the consumption of some medications (this would include the medication for things like epilepsy, depression, anxiety, thyroid issues among others). Stopping the medicinal intake usually takes care of this problem. Often people resort to taking erectile pills in order to deal with this condition. Direct injection of the medication into the penis is also known to help many. However, it is possible to treat erectile dysfunction even without the consumption of medicines. 

It is obvious that the consumption of any form of medication is bound to have certain side effects on your body. Thus it will be wise on your part to try to treat this condition without thriving on artificial medication. Luckily for you, there are a number of effective ways to be able to do so. Read on to know more:

Understand that in most cases erectile dysfunction is caused because there is not enough blood flow to the penis. In order to treat the same, it will be a good idea to indulge in 30-50 minutes of exercise on a daily basis. Make sure to include a lot of proteins in your diet. Daily consumption of green and leafy vegetables will also help.

Things like smoking and drinking have a major role to play in promoting erectile dysfunction. It is an absolute must for you to give up on smoking altogether if you want to get rid of this condition. With respect to drinking, you can opt for consumption of an absolutely small quantity of the same occasionally. However, complete abstinence may also be a good idea after all.

Vacuum pumps and penis rings

These are newer methods of treating erectile dysfunction. Although this is a medical procedure, it does not include any administering of medicines and hence it does not cause any type of side effects or long-term harm. Penis rings are particularly comfortable and those who have used it vouch for the efficiency of the same.

Having understood what erectile dysfunction is, we now know that it is possible for a man to get back an active sex life despite suffering from this. You must not lose hope as the same is possible with or without medication. All that he needs to do is identify the type of erectile dysfunction that he is suffering from and take adequate measures to combat the same.

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