Did You Know These Amazing Health Benefits Of Endive?


Scientifically termed as Cichorium endivia, endive belongs to the genus Cichorium consisting of several leafy vegetables. Endive is not to be confused with chicory, something a lot of people tend to be. Endive is something you can always see being added into salads or sautéed along with other vegetables. Spherical and wide, the smooth leafy vegetable possesses various health benefits that will persuade you into getting some for yourself .

From detoxifying the liver, promoting a healthy pregnancy and improving your skin health, the leafy vegetable is a must have for anyone wishing to eat healthily. Being low in calories is another advantage of the lettuce-like vegetable, which in turn owes to its increasing popularity and demand . Also known as Belgian endive, the leafy vegetable can be consumed raw as well.

Scroll down to know more about the healthy endive and the ways through which it can be incorporated into your diet.

100 grams of the leafy vegetable has 17 calories of energy, 0.2 g fat, 0.08 mg thiamine, 0.075 mg riboflavin, 0.4 mg niacin, 0.9 mg pantothenic acid, 0.44 mg vitamin E, 0.83 mg iron, 0.42 mg manganese and 0.79 mg zinc.

The remaining nutrients in endive are as follows :

A common ingredient in nutritional dishes, endive offers various advantages to your body. Read on to know the ways through which this leafy vegetable can help improve your body , , , .

The rich content of folic acid in endive makes it beneficial for the consumption of expecting mothers. Folic acid help promote the healthy development of the foetus, preventing the onset of any congenital diseases as well.

Note: Seek medical advice before incorporating endive to your daily diet.

The essential nutrients in endive help improve your vision. It is beneficial for elderly individuals as it can prevent the onset of glaucoma, cataracts, or macular degeneration. It also helps fight off the factors that can negatively affect your eye health.

Endives are rich in dietary fibre, which help treat various gastric issues. The laxative property of the leafy vegetable prevents the risk of indigestion and constipation as well. Regular consumption of endives can help improve your appetite.

The potassium content in endives helps neutralise the effects of natrium in your body, thereby lowering your blood pressure to a proper level. Individuals suffering from hypertension can benefit from the consumption of leafy vegetable.

The nutrients present in endives help stimulate the functioning of your gallbladder, which is responsible for the secretion of bile. Incorporating the leafy vegetable into your daily diet can help detox your liver, as the proper secretion of bile promotes the removal of toxins from your liver. This, in turn, aid in bettering the functioning of your liver.

Regular consumption of endive can help ensure oral and dental hygiene, due to its anti-bacterial properties. It helps destroy the bacteria present in your mouth which can cause mouth sores .

One of the other major benefits of endive is that it helps treat acute respiratory conditions. The anti-inflammatory properties of the leafy vegetable manage asthma attacks and provide relief. The best way to enjoy this benefit is by drinking endive juice.

The antioxidants and minerals present in endive are known to be beneficial in maintaining one's psychological health. That is, the nutrients help strengthen brain cells and tissues thereby preventing the attack of free radicals . The potassium, folic acid, and pantothenic acid in endive can protect your brain health and prevent the onset of chronic disorders such as Alzheimer's disease, dementia etc.

One of the major benefits of endive is that it helps prevent the onset of gallstone disease. The enzymes and acids present in the leafy vegetable improve the functioning of the gallbladder and remove toxins from your system.

Endive is widely known for its role in overcoming this psychological disorder. By preventing the inherent need to reduce food consumption, endive helps the individual by promoting appetite. Due to the low-calorie amount, the individual is less likely to avoid it .

The antioxidants, minerals and anti-inflammatory components in endive help prevent the free radical cells from attacking your system. It destroys the free radical cells and has been asserted as being beneficial in preventing prostate, colon, lung and oral cancer .

Apart from all these health benefits, endive is also asserted to help prevent stroke, reduce the cholesterol levels, maintain a healthy heart, prevent scoliosis and improve skin quality .





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