Does Yoga Help You Lose Weight?


"Does yoga help you lose weight?" This is a question that everyone's been pondering over since decades. Every person looking to lose weight has at some point in their life asked this question, maybe even multiple times for all you know. If you're one of them, finally your millennial question is about to be answered.

It's high time this question is answered and the mystery is brought to an end once and for all. Let's list down some factors that are important for weight loss in this article and see to what extent yoga helps in achieving these factors. It's to be considered that everything stated in this article is stated by experts and not based on mere assumptions.
So, let's begin then.

The most important factor in losing weight is the calorie intake. Your calorie intake is supposed to be lesser than the number of calories you burn. Only then it is possible to lose weight. Many yoga asanas burn lesser number of calories than the traditional exercises. This gives cardio, gym, and other traditional exercises an upper hand as far as weight loss is concerned.

A common behaviour of eating more when stressed is seen among a large group of people. A stressed person commonly eats more without even realizing that a person who is relaxed and has a peaceful mind. Yoga can help in a huge way here. Yoga is known to provide mental stimulation and decrease stress levels among humans, hence avoiding the problem of eating more due to excess stress.

When talking about the regular yoga asanas, they don't help in losing weight as much as power yoga does. Power yoga has gained huge importance over the course of years among people who are looking forward to losing weight. Power yoga is more of an exercise-based routine which helps largely to lose weight rather than the regular yoga that we practice which is more inclined towards physical and mental relaxation.

It is important to achieve good metabolism in order to lose some weight. Yoga makes one aware of their body and makes them conscious about their diet. You choose the food that makes you feel more energetic rather than the food that makes you feel sluggish, hence increasing your metabolism. If there's a controlled diet being put in place and yoga sessions are extended up to 75 minutes or more, then you will notice a significant change in your body.

Yoga makes you aware of your body and how you treat your body in every way. Treating your body right and eating only when hungry instead of eating because it's the normal time to eat or putting a stop at your overeating habits is very vital when trying to lose weight and daily yoga sessions can help you in achieving that kind of self-awareness effectively.

The regularity with which you practice your workout sessions is an important factor in losing weight. In order to notice changes in your body, it is important to practice power yoga at least 4 to 5 times a week. Any carelessness in this routine can harm your goal of losing weight. Only then will you begin to notice significant changes within your body.

In order to lose weight, it is extremely important to physically strain your body in some way. You need to keep yourself motivated to give your body some physical strain if you want to lose weight. Even though yoga helps in stretching and strengthening muscles and achieving flexibility, it does not put as much physical strain on your body as cardio, gym, or other traditional exercises.

If you're looking to lose weight through yoga, you will have to be patient. Yoga affects your body over a period of time and the results can't be seen overnight. As compared to other workouts like gymming and cardio, yoga takes a longer period of time to affect your body. Cardio and gym can help you lose weight rather quickly than yoga, although they don't provide the mental relaxation that yoga does.

A combination of both traditional exercises and yoga would be just perfect to lose weight without stressing yourself too much. When you combine the two of them and form your workout routine, you are physically straining your body as well as relaxing your mind and there can be no better combination than this to achieve efficient weight loss results.

Neither of the two can be considered more important than the other. But, when you put the two together, you can benefit your body and health in a great way.

So, here's your millennial question finally answered. Keep these points in your mind while making a choice to lose weight.

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