Did You Know That Green Tea Is Best For Weight Loss?


You must have read countless articles about how green tea helps in weight loss. Do you know which green tea is best for weight loss? That's the reason we are writing this article.

Green tea is a great beverage to include in your diet for the prevention and treatment of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, heart problems, rheumatoid arthritis, infection, tooth decay, and high cholesterol levels.

Green tea is high in antioxidants called epigallocatechin-3 gallate (EGCG), which helps in treating diseases. The characteristics of green tea include its taste, bitterness, and stimulating effect.

Green tea is also rich in a group of chemicals called catechin polyphenols which includes catechin, epicatechin, epicatechin gallate (ECG), epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), and various proanthocyanidins. 

Read on to know which green tea is best for weight loss.

1. Gyokurocha
2. Sencha
3. Bancha
4. Matcha
5. Houjicha
6. Genmaicha

This variety of tea leaves when brewed, the colour becomes clear green. As the tea leaf is picked from the tip, this variety has the best taste and fragrance which is good for health. In addition, it is less bitter, as it contains lesser tannin and caffeine since the plucked leaves are younger.

Sencha is another green tea variety. This variety gives a clear, light green tea when it is brewed. Having more caffeine and tannin content, it is cheaper and more popular than Gyokurocha.

This green tea variety is made from the tender twigs of the tea plant which makes it bitter and strong. When Bancha tea is brewed, it gives a golden brown colour which is even a cheaper version of green tea than the previous two.

Matcha is the leftover powder of green tea. This type of tea makes for a beautifully green-coloured tea and forms a lot of foam, but the aroma is less than the other tea varieties. Matcha is very common and popular in traditional ceremonies and it's less bitter than the other three varieties.

Houjicha is not a pure green tea, rather it is a mixture of green tea and powdered roasted cereals like barley, rice, or wheat. This provides a golden brown colour and is cheaper too.

This green tea variety isn't pure either and it's a mixture of green tea and roasted brown rice. It gives out a golden yellow colour and tastes very pleasant and yields a good aroma due to the presence of roasted brown rice.

Other varieties of green tea are in decaffeinated form.

The Amazing Health Benefits Of Green Tea

The antioxidants present in green tea neutralize the oxidants or free radicals in the body. Green tea has catechin polyphenols that are hugely responsible for its anti-oxidizing effects. So, consuming it regularly will delay the signs and symptoms of ageing.

Research shows that people who drink green tea regularly do not suffer from bacterial or viral infections. The catechins, present in green tea inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses from attaching to the cell walls. The catechins also have antimicrobial properties that prevent bad breath, diarrhea, flu, cough, cold, tooth decay, and dysentery.

Green Tea helps in losing weight by enhancing the rate of metabolism. Drinking a cup or two of green tea every morning will help you lose those extra pounds over a week or so.

The catechins present in green tea neutralize the free radicals that cause cancer and prevent the formation of carcinogens like nitrosamines and reduce the risk of cancer for people who regularly consume it. Green tea aids in preventing cancer of the pancreas, colon, rectum, and intestines.

Green tea if taken without sugar will help reduce the blood glucose level. In addition, the astringent properties and antioxidants of green tea ensure good health and promote better functioning of the pancreas. This prevents the onset of diabetes.

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