Common Habits Which Can Harm These Particular Organs Of The Body!


Imagine this, you are going through a lot of stress because of work and you also end up stress eating or eating junk food for a week!

What do you think would be the outcome of this? Well, the combination of continuous stress and overeating unhealthy food can definitely make a person sick!

You could either suffer from indigestion and food poisoning, or headaches and other stress-related issues.

So, it is clear that our habits and choices of our lifestyles play an important role when it comes to our health and well-being.

What we eat or how we choose to treat our bodies, both internally and externally, determine how healthy we remain.

Now, we know that the human body consists of a number of organs, each of which have their own functions.

All organs of the human body are equally important and even a slight damage to any of these organs can cause serious health complications and could even be fatal!

There are a few lifestyle habits that could cause harm to specific organs; find out what they are and which organs they harm, here.

We know the fact that the stomach and intestines can be harmed if we consume unhealthy food, like fried food, fast food, unhygienic foods, etc. However, we may not be completely aware of the fact that, eating cold food very often can also harm your stomach and intestines. Cold food can affect the production of digestive juices in the stomach and cause problems like gas, acidity, bloating, etc. So, it is advisable to consume heated food at least for a few meals in a day.

Today, we need our smartphones for everything, literally! Right from ordering food, getting cabs to commute to work, make bank transactions, and to communicate, we need our phone. In addition to continuous use of phones, most of us also have to work in front of the computer screens for a long time. So, the combination of all this can seriously harm our eyes, causing problems like dryness, irritation, and vision problems.

The pancreas is an organ in the human body, which also works as a gland, as it secretes hormones. This organ is located in the abdominal region, behind the stomach. It's main function is converting the food we consume into energy to be utilized by the body. So, when you overeat and consume more food than required, the pancreas overworks in order to help break all the food down into energy. This can damage the organ in the long run.

As we know, many people today are turning into vegetarians or vegans, because it is said that a vegetarian diet is said to be extremely healthy and safe. Even a number of research studies have suggested that consuming meat, especially pork, beef, and other fatty meats on a regular basis can seriously harm the health of your intestines, as they can disturb the production of the healthy gut bacteria in that region.

Time and again, we may have heard of health experts and health advice columns which ask us not to consume food which is rich in salt. This is because consuming excess salty foods can harm the health of our heart, as salt can increase blood pressure. When the pressure of the blood is very high, it can make the walls of the heart weaker and also make the heart work too hard to pump blood, causing cardiac arrests and other such heart conditions.

The liver, just like the heart is yet another vital organ of the body, which has important functions and even a slight problem can cause major health complications. Consuming foods which are rich in unhealthy fats such as, fries, pizzas, burgers, sweets, etc., on a regular basis can lead to a condition called fatty liver, in which the fats get stored in the liver, causing serious complications.

This one is rather obvious, because most of us already know that smoking cigarettes is a habit which can completely damage our lungs and even cause fatal diseases like lung cancer. However, this advice needs to be re-emphasised time and again, as smoking is a very hard addiction to fight. People must make a conscious effort to quit smoking and take professional help, if they want to have a healthy pair of lungs!

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