How Can Drinking Cold Lemon Water Help In Weight Loss?


Lemon is a citrus fruit which is mostly consumed by infusing it in the water be it hot or cold. Most people who are looking to lose weight swear by the lemon water and they drink it warm because it is believed to help in weight loss. What many do not know is, even cold lemon water can lead to weight loss. This article will discuss how drinking cold lemon water can help in weight loss.

Apart from losing weight, lemon water can be consumed to improve concentration, hydrate your body, keep your tummy satiated, boost energy levels in the body and for better digestion.

Cold water infused with lemon is free of calories. There is no doubt about the fact that water has zero calories and one lemon provides only 17 calories. Even if you mix it with half a glass of water, the calories remain the same. A glass of orange juice which has 39 calories. Therefore, instead of going for a glass of orange juice, opt for a lemon drink to reduce the daily calorie intake.

Lemon water is known to enhance metabolism in the body, which is helpful in losing weight. According to research, if your body is hydrated at the right level, it can improve the functioning of mitochondria. The mitochondria draws in nutrients from the cells, breaks it down and converts them into energy, thereby regulating metabolism.

Drinking lemon water is a good way to keep your tummy full to prevent you from those unwanted food cravings. A study conducted in 2008 revealed that drinking even half a litre of water before breakfast can lower the number of calories consumed by 13 per cent. Another study also found that drinking lemon water with a meal increases satiety and drinking it during the meal decreases hunger.

The reason is that lemon water is low in calories and promotes a sense of fullness, which is an effective way to reduce your calorie intake while having meals.

Drinking cold lemon water works the same way as warm lemon water. It eliminates toxins from the body which in turn improves how the body performs physically. Lemon water thus cleanses your body and aids in weight loss.

The vitamin C present in lemons helps in combating oxidative stress in the body. Vitamin C works by preventing the oxidation of compounds within your cells. Free radicals are also associated with LDL (bad) cholesterol. A diet high in saturated fat and sugar are known to increase the formation of ROS free radicals and the amount of LDL that is oxidized. Oxidized LDL lead to the formation of atherosclerosis plaques which can lead to heart ailments. Drinking lemon water can, therefore, combat free radical damage and reduce the levels of bad cholesterol.

How Much Lemon Water Should You Drink A Day To Lose Weight?

The three things you need to consider before drinking lemon water for losing weight are quantity, time and temperature.

The human body can metabolize only 375 ml at a time. If you want to drink more than 375 ml, have it after an hour or so.

A person weighing less than 150 pounds (68 kg) should use half a lemon juice into 8 to 12 ounces (236 to 354 ml) of filtered cold water. And a person who weighs more than 150 pounds can drink the same amount of lemon water twice in a day.

Drink lemon water throughout the morning.



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