Broccoli Latte: This 'Vegetable Coffee' Promises To Be A Major Food Trend This Year

Broccoli Latte: This 'Vegetable Coffee' Promises To Be A Major Food Trend This Year
  • Broccoli latte is the latest fusion coffee that is creating a buzz
  • Broccoli latte contains powdered broccoli
  • The drink was invented to make Australians consume more vegetable
The much-loved coffee has millions of fans all over the globe and culinary enthusiasts love creating varied versions of it to attract coffee addicts. Till now, we had heard of mushroom coffee, egg coffee, butter coffee, but there's a new and by far the most bizarre entrant into this class of fusion coffees- broccoli latte! People are having a hard time believing that broccoli coffee is now a thing, but it most definitely is here. is a superfood that is used in a variety of dishes and drinks, to add to their nutritional value, so we shouldn't be so bothered if it's made its way into our coffees as well, right?

This bizarre new and 'trendy' coffee is made by scooping some broccoli powder into the regular cup of joe. The 'healthy' drink was invented by Australia's National Science Agency the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). According to an Instagram post on their official page, the drink was introduced to make Australians consume more vegetable. Explaining the logic behind the drink, CSIRO said, "Our research shows that two-third of Australian adults do not eat enough vegetables. Broccoli contains protein, fibre and health-promoting bioactive phytochemicals, making it an ideal candidate for being turned into a powder ingredient."Also Read:



CSIRO added by saying that broccoli powder is extremely nutritious and just two tablespoons of it is equal to one-fifth of the daily recommended intake of vegetable portions. But there is another benefit of consuming broccoli in this manner- reduction in food wastage. As explained by CSIRO, "Since over one-third of all food produced globally is lost or wasted, much of it, in our society at least, due to 'imperfect looking crops', it only made sense to use these perfectly healthy veggies in a product like our broccoli powder."

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Broccoli powder is made by drying the whole vegetable out in the Sun and then grinding it to a fine powder. Broccoli latte is obviously not going to be very palatable of course, but a cup of the drink promises to be full of health and nutrition, as broccoli is full of essential vitamins and minerals and has even been believed to reduce risks of cancer.

The concept of putting powdered vegetable in our cups of coffee hasn't quite caught on just yet, but we won't be surprised if it does so. After all, this isn't the first time we are putting 'healthy' powders in our coffees. Some years back, the West became obsessed with the eastern spice of , dunking spoonfuls of the bright yellow powder into everything from smoothies to cappuccinos to soups and salads.


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