5 Yoga Asanas That Help You Build Enormous Body Strength


It's not unknown that a weak body does nothing apart from disheartening your spirit. You must already know how badly reduced stamina, nerve instability and weakened immunity exhaust your body. And as a result of it, everything you do gets stressful and tiring.

Something that can help you with these is yoga-the most and probably the only natural and practical way that exists to prevent body's weakness. It's a holistic practice that works magically towards healing your body's physical as well as mental aspects. The core aspects of yoga asanas are strength and flexibility. Learning and performing a yoga posture religiously helps in strengthening a wide array of muscles and joints within the body.

These 5 strength-building yoga asanas listed below will surely help you get started. But before we proceed to the asanas, let us first answer one simple yet mostly asked question.

Well, to put it very simply, your body's strength actually comes from its ability to exert a force on an external object. Or, the more weight you are capable of lifting, the more strength you have. Apart from exertion, what also requires body strength is countering and resisting other external force. Having adequate body strength is definitely something positive for overall health.

This posture strengthens your body's abdominal muscles and if performed at a faster pace, it also aids in belly fat reduction.To do this exercise, you need to stand with a straight spine. Raise your hands, inhale while you do that and exhale while you bend forward. Try bringing your forehead to the knees and allow your hands to touch the floor or be under your toes. You can also try holding your ankles. Retain this position for a few seconds.

Your spine gets a good backward bend while doing this asana, which is highly pivotal in relieving back pain and making your back stronger. To execute it, lie on your abdomen and chin stretched forward. Place your palms on the ground and make sure that they are aligned with your shoulders. Inhale as you raise your head, chest and lower abdomen. Make sure your toes are touching each other, as you're performing this asana. Hold on to this position for upto three minutes.

Salabhasana works towards relieving tension from your back and thighs. And consequently it strengthens your back and the core too, to a significant level. Do this asana by lying on your abdomen and your chin stretched forward. Place your palms parallel to your shoulders after which you gradually raise your hips. Inhale as you raise both your legs up. Repeat this movement for about 5 to 10 times.

This movement is great at addressing the core muscles and increasing flexibility. In order to do this, stand straight and bring your palms together. Inhale while you raise your hands and exhale while you bring them down. Then you need to place your palms in between your legs and look through the legs. Doing this movement up to 20 times delivers effective results.

The dolphin pose is usually performed as a preparatory exercise to do headstands. It works magically in terms of strengthening your arms. You got to sit on your heels, spine straightened and bring your hands forward by placing your elbows on the floor. You need to be almost in the shape of an inverted V. Retain that position and exhale as you bring your head forward, but remember not to touch the ground. Contradictorily inhale as you go back to the inverted V posture. Continue with this process until about 15 counts.

Yoga is not only beneficial in terms of your mental health but is also equally effective when it comes to building immense physical strength. In order to ensure safety and effectiveness, do consult an expert yoga instructor before you start practising the asanas.

Or, if you have any queries or wish to know about any other yoga posture, feel free to write to us by dropping a comment right below. We'll be more than happy to assist you in your fitness journey.

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