7 Warning Signs Of Obesity


As most of us are well aware, obesity results in a number of health ailments. While being a little on the heavier side is nothing bad, the fact is that when things cross a line it becomes a problem.

Obese men are at a higher risk of heart diseases, whereas their female counterparts are seen to battle issues pertaining to fertility. With age, obesity also triggers hypertension, knee pain, osteoporosis, back pain and a number of other diseases. Thus, in order to keep away from all of this and more, one needs to tackle obesity.

Now, obesity is something that can be tackled only when a person is able to differentiate between being slightly overweight and being obese.

Here Are 7 Warning Signs That Point Towards Obesity:

1. Shortness of breath
2. Back pain
3. Reluctance to go out
4. Varicose veins
5. Heartburn
6. Snoring
7. Irregular periods

If you find yourself finding it difficult to move about effortlessly, it might be because you have become obese. Obese people are seen to have accumulation of fat around their neck. This makes it difficult for the air to flow in and out of the lungs (especially when you indulge in rigorous activities).

This is a very serious condition and signifies the onset of many other problems. Due to this reason performing simple day-to-day tasks may seem to be a grand affair. Thus, it is a good idea to keep your doctor informed about the same and take active measures towards a more active lifestyle.

This is one of the first signs of obesity. The human skeletal structure is such that it is meant to take a certain amount of weight. When the back is subjected to a greater amount of pressure, it is often seen to give up. In such cases, it is advisable to seek orthopedic help as soon as possible.

If proper care is not taken, the same can manifest itself in the form of much severe conditions like spondylolysis and fracture in the vertebrae. If such a thing happens, it can lead to some type of lifetime disability that might be very difficult to cure later on.

The Indian society is such that it judges obese people for their body structure and as a result, a lot of obese people are victims to body shaming. This may lead them to try to avoid the company of people by keeping away from social gatherings and shrink into a shell.

The cumulative effect of all of this is that the person concerned will fall prey to things like anxiety and depression. This is one of the first signs of obesity. Thus, if you find yourself getting affected by the fact that people call you fat, make sure that you take corrective measures and notify your doctor about the same.

When the walls of the blood vessels weaken, there is a dilation of the blood vessels themselves. This is extremely unhealthy and affects the overall strength of the body.

Externally, this is seen as the appearance of purple or blue veins that are surrounded by red capillaries.

Internally, this is very painful and makes simple acts like walking feel like a Herculean task. If you find yourself having varicose veins, it is time that you should take constructive steps to bring down your weight.

Having frequent attacks of acidity is another reason for obesity. The presence of excess amount of fat puts excess pressure on the digestive tract. This is especially true in view of the fat accumulation that takes place in and around the throat area.
Due to this great pressure, what happens is that the food in the stomach is pushed towards the esophagus. This triggers acid reflux and causes the person to face discomforts like heartburn, gas, flatulence and other similar issues.

While having this once in a while is okay, if you find yourself suffering from these too often, make sure that you start cutting down on your diet and eating light. At all costs, you should avoid fried foods. This will take care of your heartburn as well as your weight issues

This is not a serious health concern and, medically speaking, snoring is not something that should get you concerned. However, the fact is that obese people are generally seen to snore more than people with a healthy weight.

A sudden increase in weight results in an increased risk of obstructive sleep apnea. This is due to the increase in the mass around the neck. As a consequence of this, the person tends to snore more loudly (which might affect the sleep of the people around him). Thus, more than the medical aspect, this might take a toll on relationships which will affect a person's mental health.

Obesity affects a woman's reproductive cycle and the first sign of the same may be observed in the form of irregular periods. The presence of extra layers of fats in the body upsets its hormonal balance which may cause periods to happen earlier than their scheduled time or later.

In some instances, the periods may be stretched for up to 10 days of continuous bleeding whereas in other cases, a woman can go for 2-3 months straight without bleeding at all.

In either case, it is advisable that you keep your doctor informed of the same so that he or she can help you take up corrective measures before it gets too late.

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