9 Things To Look Out For Before Signing Up For A New Gym Membership


What do we usually do before trying out a new restaurant in town? Some of us ask our peers, some scroll through an app's recommendations section, read around a hundred reviews or check out the menu before spending both money and time there. Don't we?

It is the same even when you're trying to find a good gym - at least it should be so. Before taking up that new gym membership, do you ask yourself whether the gym will fit your own unique personality? Or whether it will motivate you to come back and exercise on a daily basis?
In most of the cases, the answer will be "not really", for which part of the blame can be put on the dearth of any such website/mobile application that helps beginners with recommendations and reviews from gyms all over. Then again, think to yourself - joining a gym is a large financial commitment compared to dining in a restaurant.

Hence, it's even more important to carry out proper research before signing on the dotted line. And we're here to bridge these very gaps and help you understand how you should frame a list of questions that you want answered before considering a particular gym.

Keep the following things in your mind the next time you're hunting for a new gym, as there are criteria much beyond a free workout that you should consider before signing a long-term contract:

1. Location Matters
2. Look Out For Educated Trainers
3. Assess Members' Profiles
4. Well-maintained Equipment
5. Ask For Unique Amenities
6. Clean Surroundings
7. Check For Class Schedules
8. The Main Part, Fees
9. Evaluate The Reviews

Try picking a gym that's located in between your office and home. This way, since it will always lie on your way to or from office, you'll rarely have excuses to stop going. Having a gym close by also makes things easier on days when you're crunched for time.

What you'll find in most of the Indian gyms is a big fat guy - who once got muscular on pathetic steroid cycles - doubled up as a so-called "coach". That's exactly something you should avoid. Rather, look for a gym that has certified trainers holding years of experience and steroid-free transformations right under their belt.

Not to differentiate, but the fee of a particular gym definitely plays a role in attracting the respective crowd. On top of this, the trainer's name also plays a crucial role in pulling the crowd.

Take a good look around. Does the gym have enough number of the machines to go around? Is there a sign-up sheet or a time limit on the cardio equipment? Notice whether or not such instructions are posted on the machines. Also, beware of out-of-order machines usually found in poorly maintained gyms.

It's good to look beyond a bare-bones box stocked with just the basics. Look out for extra amenities like a massage therapist or an onsite nutritionist who can help you get even more out of your training sessions. In case you didn't know, swimming has a therapeutic effect on the muscles and a nutritionist can help you follow a proper diet.

This is hardly obvious on your first visit to the gym. What you can do is make sure that towels are available to clean the equipment after each use. You can also spot if the staff enforces a high standard of hygiene. Peek into the locker rooms, showers, toilets, etc. to see that they're properly and cleanly maintained.

Ask to check on the schedule of fitness classes offered at the gym. The point is ensuring that the classes you want are offered at the times you can attend them. Then you also need to decide whether or not the fee is affordable for you, otherwise, you might end up paying for a membership that you don't really use.

The deciding factor while choosing a gym is undoubtedly the cost. Run thoroughly through the payment schedule. Learn whether you have to pay for each month, or you have to commit an entire year as a member. Can you cancel without any penalty charges? And finally, does the gym fit into your budget?

You've got to do your basic homework. Tap into the gym's reviews via some online resources to find out what other trainees are saying and feeling about the facilities.

Do not hesitate to do your research before signing up for a new gym membership. Be picky! Talk to your friends and take tours until you find a place that satisfies all (or at least most) of your expectations at a reasonable price. You never know, finding the right gym can be the key to a healthier lifestyle!

Did we miss out on anything? Or you have a suggestion that might help us get better? The comments section is right below. Feel free to submit your queries and suggestions over there. We'll take each into consideration.

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