6 Skin Cancer Symptoms You Should Know


Imagine this, you have suddenly developed a flu and the symptoms seem slightly strange, so immediately, you start to panic, because the possibility of developing a major disease is very scary, right?

Well, most people would react the same way to the possibility of impending diseases, as diseases can not only create a lot of hassle in a person's life, but they can also cause the death of a person. There are a number of diseases which can take a person's life away within a matter of minutes, such as organ failure.

Then there are a few other diseases, which can torment the affected person for days and even months with its symptoms, until it finally takes a person's life away, such as, cancer!

Although cancer is a disease which can be treated and cured, the relapse rates are very high and the possibility of organ failure-related deaths are also higher.

As we know, there are many types of cancers which can affect people and skin cancer is a common type.

1. One Single Sun Burn
2. Fair Skin
3. Living In The Mountainous Regions
4. Heredity
5. Flying In Planes Very Often
6. Commuting For Long Hours

Normally, when people get a sunburn, while they are vacationing at a beach during the summer, or even while walking around on a hot day, they do not pay much attention to it. However, studies at the Melanoma Research Foundation state that getting even one single sunburn can put a person at a high risk of getting skin cancer, as one bad sunburn is enough to trigger the multiplication of cancerous cells in the skin that can cause skin cancer. So, it is always important to wear sunscreen and protect yourself while on the go!

In countries like India, where people yearn to have fairer skin tones, because of the societal notions, this could come as quite the shock. Research studies have shown that people with lighter or fairer skin have higher chances of getting skin cancer compared to people with darker skin tones, as fair skinned people have lesser amount of melanin (pigment which gives colour to the skin). Melanin is known to protect the skin from the UV radiations of the sun. So, people with fairer skin tones have to make an extra effort to protect themselves from the sun.

As we know, the ultra-violet radiations from the sun rays play a key role in causing skin cancer in people. So, the geographical location of where a person lives also matters. A number of studies have found that people living in high altitude regions, such as the mountains or hill stations, are at a higher risk of developing skin cancer, as they are exposed to the UV radiations from the sun, more closely, compared to the people who live at lower altitude regions.

There are a number of diseases, such as diabetes, haemophilia, etc., which can be passed on from ancestors, that is, heredity is one of their known causes. When it comes to cancer, not all types of cancers have heredity related causes. However, skin cancer is one type of cancer which could have hereditary linked causes. Research studies have found that, if a person's ancestors have had skin cancer, there is a 50% chance of that person developing skin cancer in the future!

If you are a person who travels frequently by flight, the chances of being affected with skin cancer are higher, according to a study conduced at the University Of California, in 2014. The research study states that, people who fly often, including plane crew are at a higher risk of skin cancer, as the UV rays from the sun is a lot closer at such a high altitude, which they are exposed to often, even if they are inside of a plane!

Today, in most urban cities getting from one part of the city to another, requires a lot of time, whether you are in a public transport, car, bike, etc. This means that, you are on the road for long hours, exposing your skin to the pollution, sun rays and UV radiations. This could also be one of the causes for the development of skin cancer in people.

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