10 Ways To Get Six-pack Abs For Women


Washboard abs or six-pack abs is a flat tummy that shows your chiselled abs, which do more than just amplifying your X factor. Jennifer Lopez is one of the well-renowned Hollywood celebrities who adorns her washboard abs gracefully, making you envy her.

The exercise that she does to maintain attractive six-pack abs is side-plank oblique crunches which are also called as side-plank oblique twists or forearm side-plank twists. But, there's more than one exercise that goes into achieving the visible washboard abs.

Let's have a look at the exercises to get washboard abs or six-pack abs.

The crunch exercise is perfect for strengthening your core as it aims at working the mid-section of your abdominal area.

The plank exercise strengthens the core muscles, reduces the bulging out of the stomach and works on the abs, internal and external muscles, transverse abdominis, arms, shoulders, back and hip muscles.

Sit-ups is another exercise for women to get six-pack abs. Sit-ups work on the abdominal muscles and external muscles.

Another exercise for women to tone their abs, that works on the lower abdomen muscles, inner abs and transverse abs muscles.

This exercise helps to develop your abdominal muscles which are important as these muscles stabilize your body during motion and can help you maintain your balance.

It is a medium-intensity exercise that strengthens your lower back and core muscles.

This exercise works your entire core while targeting your internal and external oblique muscles.

In addition to the exercises mentioned above, these diet tips will help you get the perfect six-pack abs.

You need to maintain your body fat between 16 and 19 per cent to get washboard abs. You can reduce body fat percentage by lowering the intake of liquid calories, eating more healthy fats, drinking a glass of water with every meal, doing cardio training and strength training and so on.

Consume lean protein like chicken breast, mushroom, lentils, fish, beans, soy, etc., to give your muscles the nutrition it needs. Lean protein is also a great way to repair and rebuild the muscles.

To obtain a six-pack ab, one also needs to focus on a perfect ratio of protein, fats and carbohydrates. Protein should be in the form of lean protein (25% to 35%), carbohydrate in the form of dietary fibre (40%-60%) and fats in the form of healthy fats (15%-25%).

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