7 Simple Tricks To Reduce 500 Calories From Your Diet To Lose Weight!


Do you feel disappointed each time you look at yourself in the mirror, because, you feel that you are not fit enough, because of the excess kilos you pack?

If yes, then, you must be looking for the most effective ways to lose weight quickly and in a healthy way, right?

Well, most of us already know the fact that, being overweight or obese, where the body mass index (BMI) is more than normal, then, it could lead to a number of health complications.

Joint pain, heart ailments, liver ailments, digestive problems, depression, infertility, certain types of cancers, etc., are just a few of the side-effects of having excess body fat.

So, it is very important to make an effort to do everything one can to lose weight and to maintain a healthy body mass index.

Now, we know that cutting down on excess calories from the daily diet and eating healthy, along with exercise, can help a person lose weight.

Even cutting just 500 calories from your daily diet can help you lose about 3-4 kilos in just a month!

So, here are a few simple tricks which can help you cut down about 500 calories from your daily diet, effortlessly:

1. Have A Bread-Less Sandwich
2. Go For Black Coffee
3. Carry Homemade Juice
4. Chew Slower
5. Finish Your Dinner Before 7PM
6. Eat In Front Of A Mirror
7. Use Smaller Plates

Yes, you may be wondering how a sandwich can be made without bread, right? Well, instead of using bread, you could just put in the ingredient used to make sandwich, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, meat, etc., inside a healthy whole wheat thin chapathi!

Bread contains more calories than thin chapathis. So, you could cut down up to 500 calories for 2 sandwiches, if you go bread-less. However, ensure that you use healthy low-fat ingredients inside the sandwich.

If you are a coffee lover, who needs that cup of coffee every morning to even start being productive for the day, you are not alone! Many people love coffee and it does have a number of health benefits.

Drinking just black coffee, without milk or sugar, can help you cut down around 500 calories, if you drink 2-3 cups a day, as milk and sugar contain a lot of calories and fat!

It is quite common for most people to be tired and feel the need to rejuvenate and refresh oneself, at least a couple of times a day, especially if they have busy jobs. So, many of us opt for energy drinks or canned juices, which contain a lot of calories and sugar.

Instead, you can carry healthy, sugarless fruit juices from home, which are not contaminated, as well as contain less calories. This is another way to cut down around 500 calories.

Research studies have shown that people who chew on every bite of their food slowly, tend to eat lesser, as chewing slowly tends to make a person feel fuller, quickly. This is because more saliva is produced when we chew slowly and when the saliva reacts with the digestive fluids when it reaches the stomach, it creates a feeling of satiation.

So, chewing your food slowly can help you consume about 200 calories less in each meal of the day, totalling to around 500!

If you are someone who has the habit of consuming food or your dinner, after 7 pm, then, it is time you change this habit and start having your dinner early.

This is because, a recent Japanese research study has found that people, who have dinner late in the night or snack late at nights, consume about 500 calories more, as their metabolic rates are higher at that time. So, you can cut down up to 500 calories, if you finish your dinner early.

Yes, as bizarre as this tip may sound, eating your meals in front of a mirror is known to help you consume fewer calories, especially if you are trying to lose weight.

Studies have shown that eating in front of a mirror makes a person feel more self-conscious about their weight and will encourage them to eat lesser, thus allowing them to eat fewer calories, without even making much of an effort!

This might be a very obvious tip which can help you eat lesser and also allow you to cut down around 500 calories per day (about 200 calories for every meal), yet it is a very effective tip.
When we use smaller plates to eat our meals, we put in smaller servings of food, thus decreasing the amount consumed without much effort!

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