6 Sexual Health Myths You Must Never Believe!


When we get hungry, we make ourselves something to eat; when we get thirsty, we drink water; similarly, when we feel the urge to indulge in sexual intercourse, we have to do that and make sure we attain sexual satisfaction.

Because just like hunger and thirst, the urge to indulge in sexual intercourse and attain sexual pressure or want to procreate is also a basic instinct, which is natural.

So, it is very important to be able to maintain a healthy sex life, otherwise, it could lead to a number of psychological, physiological and even interpersonal problems.

If a couple's sex life is not healthy, due to various reasons, it could cause a lot of stress, frustration and depression. In addition, physiological problems like erectile dysfunction and loss of libido can also be caused by the lack of healthy sex.

Many couples are unhappy with each other for the sole reason that their sex life is not healthy.
So, it is very important to ensure that your sex life is healthy. For that, one must be aware of various myths and facts about sex.

1. Bigger penis means more pleasure
2. The "pull-out" method works
3. Condoms are reusable
4. No STD symptoms mean good health
5. Women can't get pregnant during periods
6. Only penetrative sex can cause STDs

This is one of the biggest sexual myths that exists even today and people believe it. It is believed that when the size of the penis is bigger, the man can give more pleasure to the women sexually. However, research studies and statistics have shown that only the first 2 inches of the vagina is sensitive and so even a smaller penis can completely satisfy a woman. In fact, many women have admitted that they prefer smaller penises, as it causes lesser pain when inside them!

Many couples believe in this traditional contraceptive method to prevent pregnancy, known as the "pull-out" method, in which the man pulls out his penis from the vagina just when he is about to ejaculate. However, this method is extremely unsafe in preventing pregnancies and even sexually transmitted diseases, as the man may not be able to have complete control over his ejaculation and even pre-seminal fluid which comes out before the ejaculation can also get a woman pregnant and cause STDs.

This is yet another ridiculous myth that many people believe even to this day, especially in rural areas or younger people who are sexually active. They believe that a condom can be used multiple times, even after using it during sex once. This habit can not only cause infections in the genitals of both the people involved, but it can also lead to pregnancies and STDs, as reused condoms can tear faster.

If a person is sexually active, especially if they have multiple sexual partners, it is very important that they get tested regularly for sexually transmitted diseases and infections (STDS and STIs), whether they have pronounced symptoms or not. Most STDs and STIs, have pretty long incubation periods and remain dormant for months, and even years, before showing pronounced symptoms; this does not mean that the person is healthy. They can still spread the STDs to their partners!

Yet another popular myth that many men and women believe is that women do not get pregnant when they have unprotected sex during their menstrual period. However, this is false because, a woman can get pregnant any time of the month, and the sperm can survive in the woman's body for up to 5 days, so there is a chance of her getting pregnant if she has unprotected sex during her periods.

Many people of both genders believe that only penetrative sex, that is, when a man's penis enters the woman's vagina and he ejaculates inside, can cause sexually transmitted diseases and infections. This is wrong, because even oral sex, or just kissing with the mouth, can cause a number of STDs and STIs! So, it is always important to get tested before indulging in sex and have your partner tested.

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