7 Important Things Doctors Want You To Know About Losing Weight


Do you want to lose all that extra fat and go back to looking fit again? Do you want to lose weight and still remain healthy? If yes, then, there are certain medical facts you need to understand about the mechanism of weight loss.

As we know, being obese or overweight comes with a whole array of health issues, both mental and physiological.

Excess body fat is associated with health conditions such as, joint pain, digestive disorders, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart conditions, liver diseases, certain types of cancer and much more.

In addition, being overweight or obese can also cause mental health issues, triggered by the insecurity of looking unfit that may eventually cause depression and anxiety.

So, in order to avoid all the above-mentioned health conditions and possibly some more, one must make an effort to lose weight.

Weight loss must be done in a healthy way in order to avoid other health complications and there are certain medical tips that doctors share to promote a healthy weight loss.

Here are some of the tips shared by doctors which can facilitate a healthy, effective, weight loss plan:

1. Healthy Foods Can Also Cause Weight Gain
2. Eating On Time Is The Key Rule
3. Pay Attention To Your Medications
4. Check For Hormonal Diseases
5. Alcohol Is A Major Culprit
6. Your "Diet" Has To Become Your Lifestyle
7. Working Out Does Not Justify Overeating

Now, many of us believe that healthy foods like fruit, vegetables, brown rice, etc., are healthy and are ideal for a weight loss diet.

While it is a fact that they are healthier compared to high-calorie foods, these healthy foods also contain a certain amount of calories in them and overeating such healthy foods just because we know that they are healthy can also prevent weight loss or cause weight gain in people.

So, doctors opine that even healthy foods must be consumed within the daily caloric intake limits.

When people are trying to lose weight, they give preferences to cutting down on junk food, eating lesser calories, exercising, etc. But, many of them never pay attention to eating on time or sticking to a certain meal schedule every day.

Doctors say that eating all your meals at a fixed time on a daily basis further boosts your metabolic rate and also prevents binge eating, thus making way for a quicker and more effective weight loss.

Many a times, people who are trying to lose weight would also be taking certain medications for other health conditions such as depression, diabetes, hormonal disorders, contraception, etc.

Some of these medications can cause further weight gain in people by causing certain hormonal changes in the body, even though they are following a healthy diet and exercise routine. This may inhibit weight loss. So, it is important to check the side effects of the medications and speak to your doctor about them.

Just like how certain medications can inhibit weight loss, certain diseases can also slow down the weight loss process, even if a person is maintain a healthy lifestyle routine. Thyroid disease, PCOS, stress disorder, diabetes, etc., are some of the diseases which can hinder weight loss.

So, you must get checked for these diseases and get them treated first, if you want to lose weight effectively, in a healthy way.

Now, very often, we keep hearing about how harmful alcohol can be for your health, as it can cause a number of diseases including cancer and it can also cause addiction issues. However, we may feel that consuming a few glasses of beer or other types of alcohol once in a while may not come in the way of weight loss.

On the contrary, doctors say that if you are trying to lose weight, even a few glasses of alcohol per month can inhibit weight loss, as it contains empty calories and insoluble carbs, which slow down your metabolism.

Many people who try to lose weight, follow certain healthy diets for a certain period of time, until they lose weight and they go back to their old lifestyle of eating unhealthy. This can only make the person gain back all the weight.

So, once you start a certain healthy diet and it works for you, you must make it a permanent part of your lifestyle, with minor changes now and then, to suit your health needs.

Most people who want to lose weight or get fitter follow a diet and exercise routine hand-in-hand. In fact, both diet and exercise, are essential for weight loss.

However, just because you work out intensely, it does not mean that you can eat whatever you feel like or overeat healthy foods. A strict diet has to be followed even if you are exercising on a regular basis for an effective weight loss.

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