7 Deadly Diseases Your Itchy Skin Is Trying To Warn You About!


Imagine the sensation you feel on your skin when a mosquito or an ant bites you; it can be so itchy and makes you want to itch that area of your skin hard, for a long time, right?

So, we do realise how uncomfortable and irritated itchy skin can make us feel.

Skin itching is a symptom of a number of diseases and ailments, rather than being a disorder in itself.
When it comes to skin itching, there are a few different types, based on their root causes.

While some types of itches, like itches caused by mosquito bites, last only for a few minutes, a few other types of itching, such as itching caused by severe allergies can last for days and even years!

When people are suffering from long-term skin itching, life could be rather difficult for them, as the itching comes in the way of their daily activities and never allows them to be in peace!

Always itching your skin can be tiresome as well as embarrassing and can also make a person feel extremely tired.

So, here are a few things that skin itching can tell about your health; have a look:

As we know, kidneys are one of the vital organs of the human body whose function is to filter out the toxins and waste from our system. A number of research studies have noted that people who have kidney disease, whether major or minor, suffer from skin itching.

If they have chronic kidney diseases like kidney failure, the itching too can be very intense. It is said that the toxins and the waste which the kidney is unable to flush out of the system gets into the bloodstream to cause skin itching.

Just like the kidneys, the liver too is yet another vital organ of the body which helps in digestion and breaking down of nutrients to provide energy to the body. If a person is experiencing itchy skin all over the body, without a reason, it could be an early symptom of liver diseases.

When excess bile gets built up in the liver, it starts to acidify and gets into the bloodstream. This, in turn, causes severe skin itching.

If you are experiencing severe itching in the back and middle back area of your body, without the presence of rashes, then it could be a sign of spinal disease. This is usually caused by injury or inflammation of some parts of the spinal cord.

When the nerves in and around the spinal cord are damaged or inflamed, they get "pinched" while sitting and moving around, causing an itching sensation in that area.

If you notice that you have extreme itching, along with red bumps or blisters around the knees, elbows, buttocks, and hairline area, then, it could be a symptom of dermatitis herpetiformis, a category of Celiac disease which affects the skin.

This is usually caused when people consume gluten-rich foods, which their body cannot process, due to the presence of Celiac disease. So a gluten-free diet and medications can treat this disorder, but it can take a long time to reduce!

Lymphoma is a type of blood cancer which affects the lymph nodes of the body. This type of cancer is usually very hard to treat and the relapse rates are very high. People suffering from this disease experience skin itching all over the body, without the presence of rashes.

This is caused by cytokines which trigger an inflammation response in the skin cells, causing severe itching.

Thyroid diseases are of two types. The first one is known as hypothyroidism, caused by underactive thyroid glands and the second one is known as hyperthyroidism caused by overactive thyroid glands. Thyroid diseases are hormonal diseases which may need long-term treatment. The hormonal imbalances caused by thyroid diseases can also cause skin itching in many patients.

Menopause, although it is not a disease, can have a number of negative side-effects in many women. As we know, menopause is a natural phenomenon that happens to every woman, after the age of 45, when her menstrual cycle ceases.

During menopause, a number of hormonal changes occur in the body. Due to these hormonal changes, the natural oils of the body can decrease in production, thus making your skin dry and itchy. Hormonal therapies can fix this problem.

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