7 Best Ways To Prevent Breast Cancer, Backed By Science!


It is said that, most people today would know at least one person who has suffered from breast cancer, if not themselves! This type of cancer is so very common!

Yes, breast cancer, a type of cancer that specifically affects women is said to be one among the most common types of cancers that has affected humans, especially in the past decade.

In India alone, more that 1 million cases of breast cancer are reported every year! So, the global average would be even higher!

As we know, cancer is a dangerous disease in which there is a rapid growth and multiplication of abnormal cancerous cells in the body which eventually turn into lumps and tumours.

These tumours go on to destroy the tissues and organs, even causing organ failure and death!

Although, there are treatments and surgeries which can cure cancer, there is no guarantee that the cure is permanent, as the relapse rates of most types of cancers are very high.

There are certain lifestyle changes and tips one can follow to prevent cancers.

Here are some of the best tips to prevent breast cancer, proven by science; have a look:

1. Check Your Breast Density
2. Learn About Your Family's Health History
3. Avoid Getting Unnecessary X-Rays
4. Exercise Everyday
5. Limit Hormone Therapies
6. Breastfeed Your Child
7. Consume Antioxidant-Rich Diet

Getting the density of the breast checked is one of the new scientific methods to prevent breast cancer or detect its presence early on. The more dense a woman's breasts (that is, the presence of more fat tissues in the breasts), the more difficult it is to detect the presence of tumours.

Also, research studies have stated that, women with higher breast densities, are six times more likely to be affected by breast cancer. So, if you have a higher breast density, then, you must get breast cancer tests more regularly.

Many a times, when it comes to certain types of cancers like breast cancer, heredity also plays an important role. If a person's mother, grandmother, aunts, etc. have suffered from breast cancer, there are higher chances of them being affected too.

So, it is very important to know about the history of your ancestors' health, so that, you can take active measures to prevent breast cancer!

When we are suspicious of the presence of a disease or if we are experiencing symptoms, it is very important to get X-rays and other tests done, upon the advise of the doctor. However, many people who are slightly paranoid about their health, tend to go in for unnecessary tests, when they are not needed.

Getting X-rays and radiation linked tests often, especially in the chest area can also trigger the formation of breast cancer. So, getting such tests when not needed must be avoided.

As we know, regular exercise is key to treating and preventing a number of diseases and breast cancer is definitely one such disease. Keeping yourself active, especially after the age of 40 is known to reduce the occurrence of breast cancer by about 34%!

So, it is very important to stick to a regular exercise routine and concentrate on chest exercises like push ups and planks, which keep the tissues in the breast healthy.

After attaining menopause, many women opt for hormone replacement therapy, where estrogen is administered to them in the form of medications, to help reduce the menopause symptoms and improve the quality of their life.

However, hormone replacement therapy is linked to breast cancer, so it must be taken with caution, only if absolutely needed.

Most mothers would obviously want to and will breastfeed their children, however, many a times, due to various circumstances, like a busy schedule, infections of the breast after birth, etc., a mother may not be able to breastfeed her child.

However, research studies have shown that mothers who breastfeed their children, longer, have a 19% lower risk of developing fatal types of breast cancers, as breastfeeding maintains a healthy estrogen level in her body. So, ensure that you do everything you can to breastfeed your child.

Earlier, we read that, making certain healthy lifestyle changes is also one way to prevent breast cancer and consuming a healthy, balanced diet is one such change.

Specifically, consuming foods that are rich in antioxidant content, such as fruit, vegetables, leafy greens, etc., is very essential in preventing the free radical damage that occurs in the body, which in turn prevents tumours from developing, thus reducing the chances of breast cancer.

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